Golfing Holidays


Recent years have seen an exponential increase in the number and quality of golf holiday packages available. Whereas in the past these offered a lacklustre holiday to a second-rate golf course and little else for the rest of the family; today there are some high-quality breaks available to luxury resorts with some of the best golfing and family-friendly activities in the world. Whether you’re hoping to visit Barbados or Benidorm, Florida or Fuerteventura, there are bargain golfing breaks to suit every skill level and budget. With many package providers now offering all inclusive deals for the whole family, these packages will keep the golfer and the rest of the family entertained throughout the holiday.


For many golfers, some of the best courses are not far from your own doorstep. Britain boasts some excellent facilities along with luxury clubs and holiday deals; perfect for if you’re only looking for a short break, have a fear of flying or are working with a limited budget. In particular, the clubs of Scotland and Northern Ireland are acclaimed within the golfing world, and can provide a reasonable option for those who are looking for a long weekend of golfing.

Spain and Portugal

For those who wish to combine good weather with great golf courses and cheap package deals; Spain and Portugal are good options for your next golfing break. This year has seen some of the largest operator discounts of recent years, and golfing breaks within Europe are now more affordable than ever. Some of Europe’s top players are known to frequent clubs in the South of Spain and Portugal, and the temperate climate is perfect for those seeking to improve their game over long days and balmy evenings of practice. For those travelling with a family, there are many other activities and facilities available, and the short flight and transfer times make these destinations ideal for those with a young family.

Europe, including New Resorts in Eastern Europe

Great golf courses aren’t limited to Western Europe, and some of the newer resorts in Eastern Europe also have fantastic facilities and are generally cheaper in terms of costs whilst staying in the resort. Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria all have excellent amenities for golfers, as well as the tourist facilities to amuse the rest of the family; yet green fees and essential expenses are much lower than in many other European resorts. Specialist package providers have begun to offer golfing holidays throughout Eastern Europe, and many are able to offer substantial discounts in comparison to golfing holidays in the USA, Western Europe and the Caribbean.


Many golfers dream of travelling to the USA in order to play on the famous golf courses found in Florida and throughout the Southern states. For many golfers, a trip to Orlando is one of the pinnacles of their golfing career and the courses designed by many of the biggest names in professional golf are an attraction to visitors from around the world. Orlando boasts more professional golfers than any other city in the world, and with its top facilities and temperate climate it’s easy to see why so many are drawn to the city.

The Caribbean

Golf has become a way of life throughout the Caribbean, and many of the world’s top golfers flock to the islands in order to train and take advantage of courses designed by some of the most famous names in professional golf. Luxury golf breaks to the Caribbean are becoming increasingly affordable with the advent of package golfing holidays; and many operators offer all inclusive deals which make the holiday a more reasonable prospect for families. The Caribbean boasts enviable weather and a wealth of leisure activities which will keep the whole family amused throughout the break.

Middle East and Egypt

Golfing has grown in popularity throughout the Middle East, and there are now several clubs in the region which are considered to be world-class. Egypt has some of the region’s most well-established golf courses, however those which have been newly built in Dubai are considered to be among the best.


Resorts in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Goa and Malaysia are all beginning to build world-class facilities in order to tap into the golf tourism market. These resorts are able to offer a golfing break amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and provide the option of splitting a holiday into golfing and sightseeing. Many providers offer tailor made golfing holidays in the region, and are able to incorporate many different elements into your trip; ensuring that the holiday allows you to fully experience the wonders and culture of Asia, as well as playing golf on some of the most modern and well-appointed golf courses imaginable.