Georgia USA Holidays

Known affectionately as The Peach State, Georgia is located within the South Eastern portion of the United States.  It is bordered by Florida to the south, Mississippi to the east and South Carolina to the north.  As Georgia also shares a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, this state has become famous for its beaches as well as its numerous seaside resorts.  Named after King George of England during colonial times, the history of this region is as unique as its culture.  If you are hoping to experience all that the southern United States has to offer, you are likely curious to learn more.  Let us take a look at some of the top sights within Georgia as well as what to take into account when planning your holiday.

What is There to See and Do?

We first need to mention that Georgia is a rather large state.  So, it is nearly impossible to experience all of its attractions within a single trip unless you plan on staying for at least one month.  We have therefore gone ahead and picked what many consider to be some of the top attractions that this state has to offer.

Many feel that the Georgia Aquarium is the top sight to be seen, as it is located within the capital of Atlanta and it can be accessed easily.  It is actually one of the world’s largest aquariums and it is a great destination if you happen to be arriving with children (there are many interactive displays which will keep your young ones occupied for hours).  Many portions of this aquarium are underwater and surrounded by glass, so they will provide you with a truly “immersive” experience.

Coca-Cola is said to be one of the most recognisable phrases in the world, so why not spend a day to check out the World of Coca-Cola.  Not only will you be provided with a unique insight into the history of this famous drink, but the museum also provides you with a unique glimpse into the history of Georgia as a whole.

Not all attractions within Georgia are found within its major cities. Indeed, there are many locations which boast a natural beauty entirely unique to the region.  One perfect example is the appropriately named “Rock City”.  This park consists of natural rock formations and some of these stretch hundreds of metres into the air.  It is said that you can enjoy a panoramic view of no fewer than seven surrounding states when ascending one of the many peaks to be climbed.

Things to Take Into Account

Georgia tends to offer a moderate climate throughout the majority of the year although there have been occasions when a bit of snow has fallen in the depths of winter.  If you are not a fan of the heat, it is best to avoid visiting between the months of June and August, the levels of humidity here can be quite high.  As always, pay attention to the latest exchange rates in order to take advantage of the relationship between the United States dollar and the British pound.  You will find that your money will go a long way in the state of Georgia and if you are on a tight budget, it may be prudent to stay away from hotels in the larger cities such as Atlanta; these can be very expensive during the height of the tourist season.