Florida Holidays


Having a holiday in Florida is the ideal for many families, who are often put off by the expense of the long haul flights, accommodation and transfers; however with many package suppliers now offering deals and discounts, family holidays to Florida are becoming increasingly affordable. In order to keep trips to Florida cheap, it’s advisable to book in advance to take advantage of supplier deals, get a last-minute bargain, or look for an all-inclusive package which will keep food and drink costs low. Some packages available also include entry to one of the region’s theme parks such as Disney World Florida or Universal Orlando.

For couples, or those who prefer a more relaxing and low key trip, there are also many towns and cities which are off the beaten path in Florida; and offer great leisure activities and artistic and cultural events. Florida is a truly flexible holiday destination, and provides opportunities for both fun-seeking families and those seeking a more tranquil way of life. If theme parks aren’t your thing, then Florida’s celebrity endorsed five-star restaurants may be more to your taste, or perhaps a swamp tour to visit the area’s alligators may pique your excitement.

Theme Parks

Florida is famous for its theme parks, and is home to both Disney World and Universal Orlando; two of the biggest and most celebrated parks in the world. For families with children, a visit to these parks is an essential part of any trip to Florida, and is certainly something that will be remembered in the years to come. Florida’s theme parks are a favourite destination of young people worldwide, and delight adventure seekers of all ages.

In addition to Disney World and Universal, Florida also offers visitors the opportunity to see the wonders of the world-famous SeaWorld, where tourists are able to witness marine creatures perform spectacular displays and view the aquariums of rare sea life. A visit to SeaWorld is both fun and educational for adults and children, and will fascinate young people who have an interest in wildlife and the natural world.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades encompasses more than 1.5 million acres, an area around 7 times larger than the entirety of Nottinghamshire – and its flora and fauna are incredibly diverse. Amongst the most famous of the Park’s residents are the alligators which can be found living amongst the swampland and are best observed from a swamp tour, by canoe or on air boat. The region also offers a rich Native American history, and has much cultural relevance and historical importance to Native American peoples. There are many fun activities to be enjoyed in the Everglades including zip lining, helicopter tours, boating and cycling.

Luxury Breaks

For those who prefer the finer things in life, Florida is the perfect destination. Boasting a number of world-class spas, including those by Guerlain, Florida is the retreat of choice for many celebrities choosing to detox, relax and reinvigorate. Whether you’re looking for a sports massage, rub down, immersive flower bath, yoga on the beach or non-surgical treatment; Florida is an ideal location to reinvent your image and refresh your mind. Combined with the excellent spa facilities, Florida also has shopping which is second-to-none, and many designer and unique boutiques offer fashion at a fraction of the UK cost.


Florida’s golfing facilities continue to attract golfers from around the world, and more professional golfers reside in Florida than anywhere else. With a perfect climate, world famous coaches and celebrity designed golf courses, it’s no surprise that golf tourism to Florida continues to grow each year. Even for those who would not normally partake, there is little more enjoyable than a round of golf under the Florida sun, on one of the area’s top courses – and many courses are able to offer help and tuition even to complete novices.

Dining and Drinking

Florida has some of America’s best restaurants, and specialises in freshly caught sea food. The diverse population, tourism and innovative menus mean that foods from around the world are available, with Mexican, Cuban and Italian specialities being among the most popular. From themed cabaret-style family diners to celebrity endorsed fine dining, Florida has options for every taste and budget. Most restaurants and cafés are child-friendly and are happy to cater for those who have allergies. ‘Foodies’ should also take care to sample some of the region’s award winning wines, which are widely available.

The nightlife of Florida is legendary, and with many apartment complexes and hotels offering childcare, many people take advantage of the lively bar and clubbing scene. Beachside cocktail bars, dinner cabarets, dance acts, karaoke bars and local clubs are all popular options for visitors, and the reception at your accommodation should be able to suggest some good options for your local area.