Dominican Republic Holidays

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a holiday paradise, offering travellers the idyllic prospects of lounging on a white sandy beach and enjoying total luxury and pampering. With some of the world’s best resorts, the Dominican Republic has been a destination for those who are looking for complete package of attractions, stunning scenery and friendly local people. Known as one of the most romantic places on earth, the Dominican Republic has become incredibly popular with couples; and is a top destination for weddings, renewals of vows and honeymoons. There are many travel agencies which are now catering exclusively to these markets, and exchanging vows in the Dominican Republic can actually be very cheap when compared to celebrating in the UK.

For low cost deals in the Dominican Republic, it’s best to look online as many travel agents now offer their best bargains to internet customers. Some of the Dominican Republic’s top luxury resorts are also available online and have exclusive offers on upgrades, including all exclusive packages. When travelling as a family, ask your tour operator about discounts for children, as these can often reduce even the cheapest quotes. This year and the summer season of the next year are very popular times to book holidays, but there is still some availability due to general market conditions. This means that there are some late booking bargains which can be found online, and when shopping around for offers it’s worthwhile checking whether there are ‘unallocated accommodation’ deals available as these can often be cheapest.

The Dominican Republic is a diverse destination in terms of both landscape and culture, with both the highest and lowest points in the Caribbean being found on its shores, as well as huge social differences between the cities and villages. Exploring the Dominican Republic can be a real eye-opener, and in such a land of contrasts it’s hard to not be excited by the prospects of discovering new sights and ways of life. The shoreline is dominated by luxury resorts which offer modern facilities such as relaxing spas, golf clubs and activities; however away from the coastal areas there are very rural communities which practice the laid back lifestyle for which the Caribbean is famous. Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, the Dominican Republic delivers – with both westernised luxury resorts and tranquil beauty spots full of culture and natural wonders.


Perhaps the most famous, and most envied, activity in the Dominican Republic is the possibility of swimming with dolphins. There are many local guides who can facilitate this dream, and many people rank the experience amongst the best of their life. Golfers will also be in paradise in the Dominican Republic, as it’s home to many world-famous courses and has hosted lots of professional golfers over the years. Over the last two decades, golfing in the Dominican Republic has seen a real resurgence, and there have been major improvements to the courses and facilities available. If you prefer your activities to be a little more adrenaline packed, then a dune buggy adventure may be what you’re looking for. Racing over the sands at high speed, these tours are not for the faint hearted!

The amazing landscape and beautiful weather lends itself to many varied activities, including water sports, diving, snorkelling, sailing, golfing, fishing, wind and kite-surfing, horse riding and hiking. The environment of the Dominican Republic is incredibly diverse, so there are the opportunities to enjoy many activities which would not be possible elsewhere. With clear blue seas surrounding the islands of the Caribbean, as well as many unspoilt coral reefs; this is the ideal place to take up or continue diving. There are many dive schools around the Caribbean and these work hard to ensure safe and fun experiences for visitors. Hiring a local guide or diving instructor is always a good idea, even if you’re very experienced, as they know the best areas and safety information and are able to make sure that you get the best from your trip.

People and culture

Society in the Dominican Republic is notoriously laid back, and the relaxing lifestyle pervades all aspects of a stay in the Dominican Republic. It’s very difficult to feel stressed or pressured when all those surrounding you are so friendly, welcoming and warm. The main language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish, although many people speak English, particularly in resort areas. Being polite and respectful is particularly important in the Dominican Republic, and elderly people are especially revered. Should you wish to take a photograph of a local person whilst visiting the Dominican Republic, it’s customary to ask permission first and offer a small gift afterwards as a token of your appreciation for their co-operation. In public areas such as restaurants, tourists are expected to take care of their appearance and it’s frowned upon to wear clothes that would be appropriate for the beach, are scruffy or are considered to be too revealing. In this respect the Dominican Republic can be considered to be quite conservative, with good manners and traditional dinner wear preferred.