Djibouti Holidays

Officially known as the Republic of Djibouti, Djibouti is a country found nestled within the Horn of Africa.  Nearby nations include Somalia and Ethiopia.  It is actually quite interesting that many travellers have never heard of Djibouti although it is associated with prehistoric man.  Currently, close to one million people live here and due to previous colonial expansion, French is still a very common language alongside Arabic.  One of the reasons that this nation has enjoyed relative success over the years involves the fact that it is located close to some of the world’s major shipping ports.  This has enabled the country to enjoy a substantial amount of wealth when compared to impoverished lands (particularly Somalia in recent times).  If you are hoping to visit here, it is a good idea to take a look at some popular destinations before listing a few key suggestions to address before you leave.

What is There to See and Do in Djibouti?

Before moving on, we should mention the capital (titled the same as the country itself).  Visitors will first note that the architecture to be found here is rather diverse.  A good deal of modernization has taken place although it is still possible to experience traditional mosques as well as open-air bazaars.  The major holiday celebrated here is Independence Day which falls on 27 June.  There are also Muslim celebrations including Eid al-Fitr which you could also choose to visit.  Nightlife here is rather subdued, so visiting its centre could be great if you are not in the mood for a great deal of hustle and bustle.

The majority of those who choose to visit here are just as interested in the natural beauty.   In fact, there are some truly amazing locations which often go unnoticed without performing the proper amount of research.  Lake Assal is the first example.  This crater lake is up to 150 metres deep and its deep blue hues offer a stunning backdrop when compared to the nearby deserts.  Dormant volcanoes and black lava fields punctuate its perimeter, so be sure to snap a few pictures along the way.

Moucha Island is considered to be the veritable playground of the rich and famous.  It boasts beaches comprised of fine sand and due in part to its rather protected coastline, it is very popular in terms of swimming and scuba diving.  Some of the best resorts in the country can be found here.

Day Forest National Park is a third major attraction within Djibouti.  As opposed to nearly barren landscapes that this country has become known for, the park itself is defined by towering mountains which are covered in mist for a significant portion of the day.  In fact, the natives here used to consider the Goda Mountains sacred due to their majestic nature.  Please note that guided tours are offered if you have been hoping to get a closer look.

Of course, always check for flight availabilities and be sure to take into account the cultural differences between this nation and the western world.  Otherwise, Djibouti is indeed a worthwhile trip to consider.