Disneyland Paris Holidays

A family trip to Disneyland is an adventure that no child will ever forget, and with the low cost travel options and fast commute times to Disneyland, Paris – it’s now more accessible than ever for even those with young children, and prices are now at their cheapest. Many families return year after year to Disneyland Paris, and find new things to discover and enjoy on each occasion. Cheap flights and bargain Eurostar deals have made Disneyland Paris a fast and low cost option for families. With many travel agents providing special online offers, including all inclusive deals, there are many choices – whether you’re planning the luxury trip of a lifetime or a bargain package break.

Both this year and next year there are even more offers available for family packages in Disneyland Paris; with cheap accommodation and low cost travel deals whether you’re travelling as a family, as a group or as a couple. Disneyland Paris is a magical adventure for children of all ages, with the younger kids enjoying spending time with their favourite characters, and teenagers taking advantage of the adrenaline pumping theme park rides. There are many websites online which offer special deals on trips to Disneyland Paris, and staying on the resort is now achievable at bargain prices which couldn’t have been dreamed of a few years ago. The online deals are particularly spectacular if you’re hoping to stay all inclusive in a Disney hotel.

Multi Resort Breaks

Whether you’re looking to spend a long weekend in Disneyland or are combining your stay with a stopover somewhere else, multi resort holidays are perfect for Disneyland. It’s possible to spend a few days in Paris for the adults; then take the weekend in Disneyland for the entertainment of the children. Camping in Northern France with a day trip to Disneyland is a very economical way to see the resort, and is within the budget of most families.

Disney Hotels

If you plan to stay with Disney during your trip, then both adults and children are in for a treat. The Disney hotel experience is incomparable to any other family holiday, and their range of hotels is tailored to meet the needs of all guests. There’s a huge choice of places to stay at Disneyland Paris, with seven Disney hotels including themed rooms and special children’s entertainment. Children will always remember their stay at Disneyland Paris, and there’s also lots of top quality restaurants, spas and facilities to keep adults entertained.

Walt Disney Studios

For families who are interested in film making and getting behind the scenes of their favourite Disney movies, a visit to the Walt Disney Studios is essential. With sets that are reminiscent of many of Disney’s most famous films, the studios provide rollercoaster rides, cinema, themed restaurants and the Toy Story play area. The Walt Disney studios will appeal to guests of all ages, with many insights into new and classic adventures as well as the opportunity to meet some of the world’s most well-loved characters.

Main Street USA

Based on a small town at the turn of the century, Main Street USA allows guests to step back in time to a genteel period of American history. Experiencing what Walt Disney experienced when he grew up in Chicago, Illinois; visitors to Disneyland Paris can enjoy the themed shops and restaurants as well as sampling freshly baked cookies and other treats.


Children who enjoy playing ‘cowboys and Indians’ will love a trip to Frontierland, which is modelled on the landscape and experiences of the American Wild West. With riverboats and barbeque restaurants, this area gives a real feel of the American Deep South and will be a dream for anyone who is interested in Western films or fancies themselves as a young John Wayne. From donning a cowboy hat and panning for gold to riding Big Thunder Mountain, there are many attractions in Frontierland to entertain the whole family.


Adventureland is Disneyland Paris’ home for the exotic, with everything from Moroccan gateways to tropical jungles. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is ever-popular, and has a dedicated area where pirate enthusiasts can run wild! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is one of the newer rollercoasters on the site, and is the first Disney ride to feature a complete inversion. A more sedate experience can be had at the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, which offers amazing views of the whole park.


Fantasyland is the ideal area for those who love Disney’s classic fairy tales, including favourites such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan. Home to the famous Disney princess castle, Fantasyland is guaranteed to thrill little girls, and is the perfect place to meet all of the Disney princesses such as Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and Alice in Wonderland. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy rides, including a magical floating galleon with Peter Pan, and Fantasyland is a safe and fun area for younger children.


Discoveryland is dedicated to visionaries such as H. G. Wells and Leonardo Di Vinci who were able to predict the future so well and have influenced many of the technologies we enjoy today. With a look towards the future, as well as honouring and respecting the innovators of the past, Discoveryland is a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. With rides such as Space Mountain and an area dedicated to Star Wars, teenagers will love the activities of Discoveryland, but there is also plenty to do with younger children – tours of the Nautilus and the opportunity to meet Buzz Lightyear are guaranteed to impress.