Disney World Holidays

Disney World in Florida is paradise for children, allowing their imaginations to run wild. Around the holidays, Disney World is transformed into a magical wonderland, where children are free to experience everything their heart desires. Whilst many parents are put off traveling to Disney World, believing it to be an expensive holiday, there are many options to reduce the cost and bring even an all inclusive package within the reach of most families. For cheap deals and exclusive bargains, it’s best to book early, or to try for a last minute discount; and to research the package holiday providers who will often upgrade certain packages to all inclusive or a more luxury accommodation option, reducing the overall cost of the holiday. Disney World Florida may not be a cheap family holiday, but it’s one that the whole family will reminisce about for years to come and will create priceless memories for children.

Theme Parks

Disney World is made up of a number of theme parks, water parks, hotels, restaurants and other attractions. For many, the main interest lies in the four theme parks which contain some of the most famous rides in the world.

Magic Kingdom – The Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the theme parks at Disney World, and contains some of the most iconic sites associated with Disney, including the famous Cinderella castle and state of Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney. Magic Kingdom stretches for 107 acres and contains seven themed lands. Everyone’s favourite Disney characters can be found here and the Magic Kingdom hosts special events for Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and other festivities.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – The Animal Kingdom is the largest of Disney’s four parks at Florida and is the largest animal-themed park in the world, covering 500 acres and including more than 1700 animals from 250 species. Incorporating the sights of exotic animals with tamer creatures which are happy to be petted, dinosaurs magically brought to life and spectacular rollercoasters; The Animal Kingdom is exciting for people of all ages.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – The Hollywood Studios at Disney World offer a behind-the-scenes look at the film making industry; providing visitors with the chance to take backstage tours, watch spectacular performances and visit some of the most famous sets in the world. Including the new American Idol Experience, visitors are made to feel like stars and a visit to this Park is perfect for budding actors, singers and performers.

Epcot – At 300 acres, Epcot Park is an expanse of exciting and futuristic rides and attractions. Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space Pavilion and Universe of Energy will all fire the imaginations of young people who have an interest in science and the technological world. Beyond the Future World part of Epcot, there is also the World Showcase, which allows visitors to experience the attractions of destinations from around the planet in comfort and safety. Epcot’s World Showcase is an excellent place to eat, as the cultures and cuisines of Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom and Canada are all represented in their respective pavilions.

Water Parks

In addition to the theme parks, Disney World also offers options for those who prefer to splash around in the pool. There are two themed water parks available at Disney World, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Each offers some of the largest water slides in the world, inflatables, warm pools and exciting water rides, alongside the safety of lifeguard watched pools and shallow areas for younger children.


Disney World offers a large range of places to stay, from luxury villas to bed and breakfast and campground accommodation. Children will adore the themed hotels, and Disney Story Rooms are the perfect solution to pique children’s interest in reading and the characters around them. Disney work hard to make many of the rooms and facilities accessible for guests with disabilities; so please contact Disney World directly if you are travelling with an adult or child who has additional needs.

For a luxurious break, stays at Disney World Florida can be combined with Disney Cruises, which allow guests to see more of the world from the comfort and safety of a luxury cruise ship.

Restaurants and Dining

Disney World offers many diverse dining opportunities, from themed restaurants which children will adore, to dinner shows, to sophisticated fine dining at Disney’s Signature Restaurants. There are options for all of the family at Disney World Florida, and cuisine from around the world including fast food, Mexican, Chinese, traditional British food and Italian specialities helps all guests to feel at home. Dining reservations can be made via the Disney World website, and are a good option for avoiding the queues and ensuring that you get the table you’d prefer at the restaurant of your choice.