Croatia Holidays at a Glance: What You Can Expect to Enjoy

Located in Eastern Europe, many have called Croatia one of the most stunning “hidden gems” that this continent has to offer. Not only can you expect to enjoy a host of different geographic regions, but the number of attractions here is just as diverse. If you are planning a holiday to Croatia any time soon, it is a good idea to take a look what is in store as well as some must-see locations that should never be missed during any stay. What does this beautiful land have to offer?

An Ancient and Mystical City

Most holidays to Croatia will include a visit to the city of Dubrovnik, as it is one the largest and most well-known in the entire country. In fact, this location has been used as the backdrop for the popular Game of Thrones film series. Its protective walls can be traced back to medieval times; an interesting feature which is not often intact when compared to other locations. A large Franciscan monastery is also a must-see attraction, as regular visits are offered. You can likewise become immersed in the local culture by taking a walk down the many winding streets or when visiting the open-air markets that are found throughout the city.

Beaches and Nature Galore

One of the best-kept secrets of Croatia is that it boasts some truly pristine beaches. As fewer tourists visit these locations when compared to other regions such as the Mediterranean basin, this country could be a great way to avoid large groups of people. Most travellers agree that the beach of Brac is the most desirable, as it is also home to a massive windsurfing community. Zlatni Rat is another location to consider, as its picturesque shores will keep you coming back for more. Some of the activities which can be enjoyed here include (but are not limited to) sailing, surfing, scuba diving and rock climbing. there are also excursions to nearby islands; an excellent idea for a day trip.

Traditional Cities to Explore

It seems as if an ancient village is waiting around every corner, so there is always something interesting to see here. Still, never pass up the chance to spend a day in the world-famous town of Montenegro or a quaint fishing village known as Postira. Traditional Croatian cuisine, world-class hospitality and a choice of hotels await. However, those who are searching for five-star accommodations should stick to the major cities; there are more options available.

When to Visit Croatia

While this country boasts a long coastline, it is still associated with a continental climate. In other words, the winters here tend to be cool and dry while the summers are known for warm days and pleasant evenings. Having said this, most analysts feel that the best time to visit Croatia is in either the early spring or the early autumn. This will also help you to enjoy amenable prices on hotels and similar accommodations.