Costa Brava Holidays at a Glance

Located within the northeastern portion of Spain and within the autonomous region of Catalonia, Costa Brava is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the entire country. This is largely due to its amenable summer climate as well as access to a host of pristine beaches. Have you been considering a holiday here? If so, it is wise to take a look at what to expect as well as a handful of major attractions.

What to See in Costa Brava

Besides the natural beauty associated with this region (particularly north towards the Pyrenees mountains), Girona is a very popular city to visit. Not only are some of the best hotels found here, but there are a number of historical landmarks worth a closer look. Some of these include the Girona, the Church of Sant Feliu, the Museum of Cinema and Arabic baths that were built as far back as 1194. The good news is that this city can be reached by car, bus or train (RENFE) within a relatively short period of time from other locations throughout Catalonia. You might also wish to take a day excursion from Costa Brava to other locations such as Barcelona or Tarragona (to the south) or to Port Bou and Perpignan (to the north).

The Best Beaches to Visit

As mentioned previously in this article, Costa Brava is famous for its selection of beaches. These are all located on its eastern shores. Northern coastlines are popular for those who enjoy activities such as surfing and sailing, as the winds here can be quite strong at times. However, there are other spots ideally suited for a family holiday. These include:

– Platja d’es Codolar
– Platja d’Illa Roja
– Platja d’Aro
– La Costa Beach Golf Resort

As you might have guessed, this last recommendation also provides access to an 18-hole golf course as well as splendid accommodations.

When to Arrive

While the weather here is relatively mild throughout the year, those who are planning to stay within inland locations are advised to avoid the winter months; the temperatures here can drop well below zero and storms can be unpredictable at times. Most travellers will instead arrive during the spring, the height of the summer or the early autumn. Keep in mind that the majority of tourists will visit during July and August.

Travel Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to save money, try to plan your trip so that you will avoid the height of the tourist season. It can be difficult to encounter vacancies and the prices associated with accommodations have been known to increased during this time period. It is also prudent to book a holiday at least twelve weeks in advance of your departure date. This will enable you to encounter more amenable pricing packages as well as excellent all-inclusive deals. It could also be a good idea to learn a bit of Spanish.