Chile Holidays

Chile is a country found within South America and it occupies the majority of the west coast of the continent.  As at total size of more than 1.25 million square kilometres, it is also one of the largest nations within the region.  Due to its north-south configuration, the weather and climate here can vary widely.  The northern portions are often associated with tropical weather while southern locations can closely mirror pseudo-arctic conditions.  Thus, there is indeed something here for everyone.  What makes Chile such a special region to visit and when might be the best time to arrive?

Chilean Attractions: A Wealth of Options

Let’s first keep in mind that many travellers plan to arrive here in order to catch glimpses of some amazing views of nature.  Some feel that Torres del Paine National Park is the most famous location, as it boasts spectacular views of mountain ranges alongside rolling plains and verdant green hills.  Chiloe Island is another excellent consideration thanks to a warm climate and pristine beaches.  El Tatio is another very interesting location thanks to the presence of hot springs and numerous geysers (Chile is known as a geologically active nation).

Urban attractions likewise abound and these are spread throughout the country.  So, you can be virtually guaranteed that you will be able top encounter some memorable sights regardless of where you plan on staying.  San Cristobal Hill is found within the national capital of Santiago and besides boasting a massive white marble statue, you will be able to obtain an amazing panoramic view of the countryside.  La Moneda Palace (literally “The Coin Palace” is likewise found within Santiago.  It dates back to 1805 and its architecture reflects a decidedly colonial influence.  To this day it is still used as one of the residences of the Chilean monarchy.

Chile is also a very musical nation and you should never miss out on a chance to participate in one of their many festivals.  Two of the most popular are the Grape Harvest Festival (central Chile) and the Fiesta de la Tirana (in northern towns).  Both of these gatherings will provide you with a truly wonderful glimpse into the Chilean culture and thankfully, foreigners are always welcome.

When to Visit Chile

As the climate here is so varied, the answer to this question will primarily depend upon where you plan on staying.  If you are visiting southern locations, it is best to visit during the height of the southern hemisphere summer (our winter).  On the contrary, northern locations are best seen between the months of October and March (to avoid the rainy season).  Above all, book your tickets early.  Flights are long and direct routes can be expensive.  Preparing in advance will help to save you a substantial amount of money.