Cheap Beach Holidays


Several airlines cater for people who are looking for low cost flights. Moreover these flights are regular and they fly to popular destinations. So the good news is that you will not have to restrict your choice of destination very much, if at all!

Self-catering is an option that more and more people are taking up. A self-catering holiday enables you to make substantial financial savings. Also note resorts that possess Supermarket stores in the area. These stores tend to sell meals that are sold in the UK, probably because there is a market for them. Hence if you do not like to alter your diet… then it is a good idea to take this into account.

An all-inclusive holiday is a great idea for those who do not wish to take much spending money with them. If you have children with you then they are likely to be happy with this… as meals tend to be favourable to kids. The hotel includes treats like ice-cream as part-and-parcel of the menu. If you can do some research and discover a hotel that offers 24/7 all-inclusive deals then this equates to a vacation whereby you do not even have to spend a single penny when at your hotel. This means that not only is the food free but so too are any activities that the hotel offers such as water-sports.

Researching your destination is key. Don’t just look at how cheap the holiday is. You can find somewhere that is both cheap and popular… somewhere that suits you. So get the price and the quality right. So for example your idea of a beach holiday might be one of absolute relaxation on a sun-drenched beach. In this case your research should aim to find a resort that is devoid of anything that comes even close to city-life. Therefore look-out for words like ‘quiet, peaceful, relaxed’ in the brochure. However, if you want somewhere that offers the best of both worlds… i.e., quiet solitude on a sun-drenched beach and shops, bars, and restaurants, then you need to ensure that you keep researching until you find not only a cheap destination with the peaceful beach… but also an area of much activity. Many destinations promise exciting night life with restaurants and bars aplenty.

Destinations such as Tenerife and Malia are examples of places that attract holiday-makers searching for a cheap holiday with picturesque beaches and a great nightlife. They also offer multiple types of water-sports. These destinations attract the young.

Somewhere like Tenerife is popular with those who also like familiarity. There’s always a large British population in Tenerife so despite being in a foreign country you may not feel (too much) like you are, especially if you are a regular visitor there. Indeed, Tenerife is great for long-stays as even the winters tend to be sunny. The beaches are famously luxurious and the journey time (from the UK to Tenerife) is only around 4 hours.

If it is the peaceful beach holiday option that you want, then Majorca and Ibiza are examples of popular destinations. They also offer you larger than average sized hotel accommodation and they try to appeal to families with children. So their hotels tend to provide kids activities. They also stage regular nightly entertainment.

Egypt is an example of a beach destination that is cheap but also romantic. It is a longer-distance trip than the fore-mentioned destinations. Nevertheless, you will find budget offers including outstanding value-for-money all-inclusive hotels.