Cancun Holidays

Cancun has become one of the most popular family holiday locations in recent years with many package holiday providers beginning to offer great deals on all inclusive trips. With its perfect white sandy beaches, friendly locals, cheap food and drink, luxury resorts and adventurous experiences; Cancun is the perfect destination for your family holiday. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach with a cocktail, or plan to take on water sports and adventurous pastimes; Cancun can offer unique, exciting and safe experiences for all the family. With the global downturn and many suppliers offering incentives for families to book early, there are many bargains to be had when shopping for a family trip to Cancun.


Cancun is a purpose built resort in Mexico, which offers visitors unique opportunities to participate in activities such as swimming with dolphins, ecotourism, zip lining and experiencing Mayan culture. Many UK airports now offer direct flights to the Cancun region, and many of the hotels are able to offer transfers and tours to take the stress out of planning a holiday to the region.

Due to the unique location of Cancun, it’s possible to tailor your trip to gain experiences that aren’t available anywhere else. Whether you choose to drive through the jungle in an open-topped jeep, swim in the Cenotes or take your family mountain biking in the jungle – these are experiences that your family will never forget.

Cancun is home to a number of theme parks, many of them with an ecological theme. One of the most popular is Xcaret, which is easily accessible by bus or on one of the many pre-arranged tours which operate from the resort. Xcaret offers families the opportunity to see wildlife in its native habitat, and enjoy safe snorkling opportunities in supervised inlets as well as twilight demonstrations of Mexican folklore. This park is guaranteed to impress younger children, teens and adults alike, and offers opportunities to see normally shy animals, as well as to cool off in a safe and natural swimming environment.

Water Sports

Cancun is the perfect resort for those who love water sports, and children aged from 3 upwards can enjoy the opportunity to swim with dolphins and enjoy supervised snorkelling in some of the most beautiful coral reefs and inland islets in the world. Water-skiing, boating and visits to aquariums are all available within the resort, and there is always something for families to do to keep young people entertained.

Cancun has access to the Great Mesoamerican Reef which is one of the most unspoiled and environmentally diverse marine environments in the world. Visitors are given the opportunity to view aquatic life which doesn’t exist anywhere else and to experience marine cultures which are amongst the most diverse anywhere. Tropical fish, dolphins and sharks all enjoy the reef environment, and can be viewed from the safety and comfort of a glass bottomed boat tour. Children may also enjoy a trip on one of the resort’s famous pirate ships.

History and Mayan Culture

Mexico is famous for its Mayan culture and rich history, boasting access to Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the Pyramid of Kukulcan – famous around the world for their beauty and historical significance. Many hotels will offer tours to visit these wonders, and there are regular bus trips and guided excursions. The Mayan civilisation spanned for more than 3000 years, and has some rich and interesting history, which young people and adults will find interesting and educational.

Those who take the trip to visit the Wonders are rewarded with the opportunity to experience some modern Mayan culture, with demonstrations of art, crafts, traditional storytelling and dance from local people. On celebration and festival days, there are often activities planned at Chichen Itza and visitors have the opportunity to observe rituals which have survived for 3000 years.

Golf and Fishing

Cancun is one of the top destinations for visitors with a passion for fishing or for golf. The resort has many top-quality golf courses and the temperate climate makes Cancun a destination for many professional golfers who like to train here out of season. There are three courses designed by the famous Jack Nicklaus, as well as others designed by P. B. Dye, Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Greg Norman.

Fishing in the region is also a popular pastime, with many varieties of fresh and saltwater fish able to be caught here, and friendly local coaches able to assist with improving technique.

Restaurants and Dining

The Cancun region is home to many restaurants and dining experiences, and has everything to offer to a family or couple. From fine dining endorsed by celebrity chefs including three AAA five-star restaurants, to local cuisine in a café, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Cancun is famous for its sea food and has many fresh local delicacies to offer. Mexican cooking is world famous for its tasty spiciness and delicious flavours, and Cancun offers visitors the opportunity to sample authentic Mexican cuisine at its best.