What to Expect When Holidaying in Beautiful Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located upon the western shores of the Black Sea within Eastern Europe. Thanks to its importance as a trading hub since ancient times, this nation has played a critical role in the development of the western world. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to appreciate why Bulgaria has always been an important tourist destination. Sometimes referred to as one of the best-kept secrets within this continent, planning a holiday here will provide excellent memories and a host of interesting experiences Let’s take a quick glance at some of the major attractions.

Outdoor Destinations

Bulgaria is known for its vast expanses of natural beauty. Not only does this rugged terrain attract hikers and similar fans of the outdoors, but many of the mountain ranges to be found here will provide you with some spectacular views. A handful of the most popular destinations within the more rural areas include the Pirin Mountains, the Rila Mountains and the Balkan Mountains. Please note that it is also possible to camp at these sites, as they offer many fully equipped pitches that are open throughout the year.

Black Sea Beaches

Russians have flocked to Bulgaria for centuries thanks to its plethora of amazing beaches. as the Black Sea is one of the largest bodies of water in this region, you will have a number of locations to select. It can be argued that the most popular is the aptly named Sunny Beach. Not only will you be provided with immediate access to nearby waters, but the nightlife here will provide entertainment for all ages. Numerous restaurants, as well as other facilities such as a go-kart track, can likewise be found here.


Sofia is the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria. Of course, there are numerous attractions to experience during your visit. Open-air markets will pop up every Saturday and Sunday; providing you with access to a host of locally grown foods and souvenirs. Another popular venue is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This is the most well-known site within the city and masses can be accessed. Vitosha Boulevard is a famous shopping district while the National Palace of Culture provides access to concerts and similar live events.

The Rila Monastery

Located approximately 20 minutes to the north of Sofia by car, the Rila monastery was originally established in the tenth century and it is therefore one of the oldest active religious locations in Europe. Not only will visiting here provide you with a unique glimpse into the history of the Orthodox church, but an interior museum can be visited and there is a gift shop to enjoy before you leave.

Please note that these are only a handful of the many attractions which are associated with Bulgaria. As this country is only a short distance from other major European cities, you will be able to arrive here in no time at all.