Budapest Holidays

Budapest is by far the most popular holiday in Hungary and it is easy to see why. Budapest is a beautiful city as it has both stunning natural scenery and much of the city’s architecture dates back to the 19th Century. Although the two cities of Buda and Pest which were situated on either side of the Danube have united, each former city retains a distinct personality. Buda has a number of historical sites and quaint cobbled streets lined with cute cafes. On the other hand, the city of Pest is the cultural centre of the city with plenty of museums, dance and music performances. In addition, Pest is also boasts the best restaurants and nightlife in the city.

What to Do in Budapest

From exploring the winding paths of the Castle District to shopping and museum visiting, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Budapest. This section of the guide outlines some of the best things to see and do while on holiday in Budapest.

Often at the top of traveller’s list is the Royal Palace or Budavári Palota. This partially reconstructed 13th century palace is situated on Castle Hill. The palace is home to some of the most famous museums and galleries in Budapest include the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

While in the Castle Hill area, be sure to check out the Buda Castle Labyrinth and take a ride on the Castle Hill Funicular Railway. The Buda Castle Labyrinth is situated 16m beneath the Buda Castle are comprises of a series of subterraneous caves and cellars. The Castle Hill Funicular Railway connects Adam Clark Square to Castle Hill and is a great opportunity for sightseeing!

Budapest is home to an impressive collection of thermal springs which has led to the development of many thermal baths over the centuries. Thermal baths in Budapest can be broken down into traditional public baths ad modern baths. Traditional baths of a unique and authentic bathing experience. One of the best traditional baths in Budapest is the Gellért Baths which are housed in an impressive art nouveau building. Modern baths in Budapest, sometimes called spas, offer more services such as medical treatments.

Where to Stay in Budapest

Budapest has an impressive range of accommodation, from budget hostels to luxury guesthouses and hotels. The cost of staying in Budapest has risen considerably in recent years, so room prices are often comparable to those in other European capitals.

There are a number of high end hotels in Budapest that offer luxury accommodation. A number of stylish international chains have opened up hotels in this popular European capital, such as Four Seasons and Kempinski, and offer their guests fine dining and spa facilities. Budapest is also home to a number of historic grand hotels such as the Corinthia Hotel Budapest and the Boscolo Budapest Hotel. There are also a number of boutique hotels in the city, such as Lánchíd 19, which boast stunning interiors designed by local talent.

Budapest is home to a number of guesthouses, or panziók in Hungarian. Budapest’s luxury guesthouses tend to situated on the outskirts of Pest or in the Buda Hills. This location is somewhat inconvenient for many tourists as visitors staying in the Buda Hills must take two transport connections to get to the centre of Pest where the majority of Budapest’s sights and attractions are situated. Nevertheless, this type of accommodation is extremely popular with travellers who enjoy the personal and homely atmosphere and brilliant breakfasts.

Hostels are a popular option for those who are travelling to Budapest on a budget. There are more than 85 hostels in the city to choose from and not all of them are geared towards young partygoers. Indeed, there are a number of hostels that have modern facilities such as internet access, laundry amenities and bars.