Bali All-Inclusive Holidays

Bali All Incl

Bali is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, attracting thousands of visitors each year to its tropical climes, friendly local people, colourful festivals, world-class beaches, excellent clubbing and dramatic surfing. Often known as ‘Shangri-La’ or the land of paradise; Bali is the perfect destination for young couples, backpackers, families seeking adventures or those who are looking for a holiday that’s off the beaten path. This exclusive paradise with luxury resorts is surprisingly cheap in terms of food and drink, explaining why it’s become a top backpacking, gap year and clubbing destination. Many tour operators have begun to offer package deals, and some can now be found on the internet for bargain prices. Those looking for a family holiday are able to take advantage of low cost offers for free children’s places, as well as reduced all inclusive and half-board deals; meaning that the holiday of a lifetime is attainable at a bargain price. Low cost long haul breaks have increased in popularity in recent years, with Bali now becoming one of the most popular destinations for young people.

Weddings and Romance

Bali is increasingly becoming a destination for weddings and honeymoons, with many couples choosing a low cost beach wedding rather than expensive traditional nuptials in the UK. Specialist package deals are becoming established, with some online tour operators now providing tailored solutions for couples who wish to tie the knot in the most picturesque surroundings in the world. The white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop to memories and neither the couple nor their guests will ever forget the holiday of a lifetime in Bali. Increasing numbers of celebrities are choosing to wed or honeymoon in Bali, and the resort has seen a phenomenal boost in popularity amongst the luxury and all inclusive market. In Bali, it’s possible to stay in world-class resorts and surroundings, whilst still enjoying the same adventures and experiences as gap year students.


Bali caters for every need and budget, with luxury all inclusive resorts nestling alongside budget hostels. From 5 star hotels with exclusive spas and beachfront rooms to hostel dormitories, every traveller will be able to find accommodation to suit their price bracket and individual wishes. Package deals, particularly for all inclusive breaks, can often offer excellent value and if booked in advance can prove to be cheaper than paying in the resort. With choices from grass roofed huts on the beach, to family run guesthouses – every traveller can found their ideal base for exploring the wonders of Bali.

What to do in Bali

Bali has a unique landscape, with miles of sandy beaches flanked by picturesque rice pavilions and active volcanoes. The varied and exciting environment lends itself to walking, hiking, cycling, bungee jumping, quad hire, golf, paragliding, horse riding and hiring a motorbike. Adventures are around every corner in Bali, with all visitors being able to find an activity to suit their needs and desires. Those who are seeking a more relaxing pastime are able to practice yoga on the beach, try traditional Buddhist meditation and enjoy luxury spas in Bali’s top resort destinations – including the world famous flower baths. In order to make the most of your trip to Bali, it’s recommended to try a guided tour; and there are many to choose from, with walking tours as well as those on quad bikes and Harley Davidsons being very popular.

Water sports have always been a popular pastime in Bali, with the resort increasingly gaining notoriety amongst the surfing community for its dramatic waves, friendly instructors and warm climate. Guests to the region who are less confident ‘hanging ten’ can also enjoy world-class snorkelling, white-water rafting, diving, sailing, parasailing, swimming, game fishing and water-skiing. If that all sounds like a little too much, sipping local cocktails on the beach and enjoying the sun loungers are all great options, and there are a number of seaside cafés and bars to cater to those who simply want to relax.
Fans of culture should watch, or try to learn, some local dance moves. Balinese dance is famous across the world, and as well as regular displays, there are also classes available on the beachfront. Gentle movements and yoga-inspired flowing dance styles characterise the region’s dance style, and are a colourful and stylish way to soak up the Balinese culture. Lovers of history and culture will also be interested in the region’s 20,000 temples and palaces; as well as the colourful regular festivals which include cremations and ceremonial tooth-filing.