Fun and Sun: Holidays in Baja California

Baja California has become famous for its seemingly endless stretches of beaches as well as its reputation amongst the world of professional surfers. However, there is much more than meets the eye here. Baja can be translated into English as “low” and this generally refers to the position of the region immediately below the state of California. Not only is the weather here nearly always ideal, but modern amenities have brought Baja California into the 21st century. If you are planning on travelling here for business or for pleasure, it is important to know what to expect as well as what sights have proven to be popular throughout the years. Without any further hesitation, let’s begin.

What Does Baja California Have in Store?

Of course, you are likely arriving here to escape the doldrums often associated with Northern European weather. The beaches here are simply spectacular and they hold something for everyone. Many of the northern locations are specifically suited for surfing while central and southern stretches of sand are more suited for families. Be sure to check out locations such as Ensenada, Rosarito Beach, San Felipe and San Quintin. La Mision is said to offer some of the best waves on the planet; ideal for surfers and body boarders.

Others will choose to arrive here for the nightlife. If you and your friends are looking for drinks and open-air cocktails, there is perhaps no better city to visit than Tijuana. This urban district is located quite close to the border with California, so there are plenty of foreigners to associate with. As opposed to popular depictions on television and in films, Tijuana is actually quite developed and it offers a number of four- and five-star resorts to choose from. This is particularly beneficial considering that the Mexican Peso is quite undervalued when compared to the pound, the euro and the dollar.

The interior and locations relatively close to the coastline offer a unique attraction of their own. Some visitors feel that these are the best-kept secrets associated with Baja California as a whole. As the region is known for its geological activity and the occasional earthquake, hot springs such as those found at Puertecitos are popular. Some feel that the medicinal qualities of these springs can help to alleviate common ailments such as arthritis.

If you are a fan of fishing, the town of El Rosario is a must-see stop during your whirlwind tour. While known for its beaches, this quaint fishing village has been occupied for hundreds of years and it is possible to charter a boat for a day tour of the nearby coastline.

What to Keep in Mind

The major concern will tend to be the weather. While summers are pleasant, there are times when Pacific hurricanes can dramatically impact the coastline of Baja California. It is therefore prudent to avoid the months between June and late September. Also, the prices for accommodations are known to be cheaper during the off season.