Bahia Holidays

Bahia is the fourth-most populous state within Brazil. It is found in the centre of the nation with shores embracing the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the largest states in terms of land mass. Not only is Bahia a strong centre of manufacturing, but its warm climate has attracted tourists from colder temperatures and to experience the amazing beaches. Let us take a look at some of the sights that have served to define the popularity of this region as well as how you can prepare for an upcoming trip.

The Main Bahia Attractions

In terms of maritime activities, Bahia can be broken up into three distinct coastlines. The Coconut Coast is in the northern portion of the state and it is associated with a bit more privacy than other areas. As the name hints, it is also famous for its mangroves and its coconut trees. The Atlantic Rainforest is also found here. The Bay of All Saints is the largest bay within Bahia and it also found quite close to the state capital of Salvador. The beaches here are very popular with tourists due to their proximity to many hotels. The Dende Coast comprises the southern portion of the Bahian coast. It is known for its clear waters as well as its diverse fauna. While there are numerous resorts here, some visitors will instead choose to venture a bit away from civilisation in order to scuba dive in the many reefs found close to the shores.

The capital city of Bahia is also wise to mention. Salvador is able to provide almost direct access to the nearly 80 kilometres of beaches and Porto da Barra Beach is thought to be the third-most popular in the world. There are four different parks found within Salvador and Park of the City is the largest and most equipped to handle tourists. You will also be impressed with the number of high-end shopping malls within Salvador. Prime examples include Shopping Iguatemi, Shopping Barra and Salvador Shopping. These are located within the thriving business district and it is possible to arrive with the help of public transportation.

History also abounds within Bahia. A recently restored village known as Pelourinho is an example of this observation. It is said to be the largest and most complete Baroque-style towns within Latin America and it is clear to see the Iberian influence here. This location is soon to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is attracting a growing number of tourists every year.

When to Visit Bahia

The good news here is that you can visit at any time of the year and the climate will remain relatively stable. However, it can grow very warm in the summer and the prices for accommodations will likely rise due to the influx of tourists. It could be wise to instead arrive in the late autumn. The temperatures are still warm and you will not encounter many large crowds during your stay.