Bahamas Holidays


Many people dream of being able to take a family holiday in the Bahamas, however with so many bargain deals available, this may be more affordable than you think! The Bahamas are amongst the most famous of the Caribbean islands and have earned a well-deserved reputation for luxury and exclusivity. The white sandy beaches of the Bahamas are iconic, bringing to mind images of bronzed bodies lying on sun loungers with palm trees overhead and cocktails in hand. If this has always been a dream of yours, then seeking for cheap deals from online travel agents may help to make this dream more accessible than ever. Low cost package deals and some of the cheapest flights ever available have dramatically slashed the cost of travelling to the Bahamas, and some tour operators now offer free child places if you’re travelling with a family.

Weddings and Celebrations

As the Bahamas is one of the most magical locations in the world, many couples choose to get married, propose, renew their vows, try for a baby or honeymoon on the islands. Specialist online tour operators are able to provide couples with the opportunity to have a beautiful beach ceremony, or the perfect romantic getaway. Many of the large hotels offer world-class spa facilities, and some are able to provide immersive flower baths, clay wraps and yoga on the beach – all of which are excellent preparations for your big day. As a relaxing honeymoon or break whilst trying to conceive; the Bahamas is an ideal location. Due to the reduced costs of a smaller wedding and the simple but elegant ceremony style, getting married in the Bahamas may actually be cheaper than an equivalent wedding in the UK. Even luxury all inclusive honeymoon packages can be made more affordable with early booking deals and special offers.

The Natural Environment

The islands of the Bahamas have unique flora and fauna and are a wonderland for those who have a love of the natural world. The temperate climate and stunning landscape make the Bahamas an ideal destination for those who like to tour independently or as part of a more organised group. On land or in the sea, there are always new experiences to be enjoyed and unspoilt areas to be explored. Diving and snorkelling are the perfect ways to see shy and unusual marine creatures, and the islands are surrounded by beautiful and unspoilt coral reefs and some authentic shipwrecks. Sailing and yachting are popular pastimes and are fabulous ways to see stingrays and tropical fish whilst staying dry! On land, the breath-taking environment can be discovered on a jeep safari through the tropical woodlands, horse riding along the beach or a leisurely stroll with your loved one.

Culture and Society

The people of the Bahamas are notoriously warm, welcoming and fun. The local music, art and dance scenes are essential to understanding the culture of the islands and at festival times the streets explode into drum bands and colourful performances. There are often live music performances in bars, and jazz and reggae aficionados will always find something to keep them amused. The residents of the Bahamas are very polite and respectful, with society on the islands being slightly more conservative than that of the UK. It’s wise to make dinner reservations in restaurants in order to ensure a table; and most will expect guests to be attired in evening wear; i.e. a dinner jacket and tie for gentlemen and dress for ladies. Despite this, children are always made to feel welcome, and the people of the Bahamas are very family orientated and accepting of children’s needs. Restaurants happily cater for smaller children’s portions, and local people will often go out of their way in order to help children to feel welcome and included.

Food and Drink

Nothing could be more reminiscent of the Bahamas than enjoying freshly caught seafood and locally distilled rum or some of the island’s signature cocktails. The food of the Bahamas involves large portions and warmly spiced dishes, with specialities being lobster and beachside barbeques. Restaurants on the islands are incredibly varied, and there are some truly world class offerings, including several opened by celebrity chefs and frequented by celebrities. The atmosphere can be quite formal, but retain a sense of playfulness and inclusivity with live musical performances, special dishes and a welcoming approach from staff. Customer service in the Bahamas is paramount, and guests are truly made to feel special when dining out – with serving staff and chefs equally working hard to cater for individual needs.

Vegetarians and vegans are happily accommodated, although it’s best to make staff aware before ordering as sometimes unsuitable ‘seasonings’ may be added to dishes. Restaurants are generally very happy to accommodate alternatives and changes to dishes, and special diets including allergies and intolerances are met with a sympathetic and helpful response.