Azores Holidays


Situated in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean around 850 miles from continental Portugal, the nine volcanic islands of Azores are the perfect destination for those who love the outdoors. As the islands are relatively remote, they are virtually unspoilt by mass tourism. From unwinding in the sulphur springs to partaking in active pursuits such as scuba-diving and horse-riding, there is something for everyone in Azores. Azores is a great choice for a romantic getaway and as Azores is off the beaten tracks, there are some great holiday deals to be found!


The principal islands have a good range of accommodation options which includes hostels, hotels and guesthouses. As Azores is a holiday destination little known outside of Portugal, hotels only tend to become full during the peak months of the summer season, July and August. As a result, there are some great savings to be made on accommodation, especially if you book your hotel in advance.


If you enjoy golf, you will be pleased to know that there are three 18-hole courses situated in Azores. One is on Terceira and other two are situated on São Miguel Island. Situated amongst some of the most stunning landscape in Azores, a round of golf in Azores is an unforgettable experience and courses are open all year.

Whale Watching

The Azores archipelago is famous throughout the world for its whale watching opportunities. Indeed, more than a quarter of currently known cetaceans have been spotted in the waters near Azores. On a whale watching trip you can expect to see dolphins, sperm whales and migratory whales. You can book a whale watching boat trip easily from Faial or Sao Miguel. The best time to go whale watching in Azores is in the summer between June and September.


Azores’s landscape is more than a (very) pretty face. Indeed, below the surface, the volcanic islands of Azores have a number of subterraneous caves waiting to be explored. Called ‘canyoning’, there are companies on the islands of Sao Miguel, Sao Jorge and Flores which guide you into the interior of the island through pools and waterfalls.

Algar do Carvão on Terceira is another great place to explore Azores’s fascinating subterraneous landscape. Inside the lava tube you will find colourful stalagmites and stalactites. In addition, this tour is slightly easier than others, making it great for those on their first canyoning expedition.


The best way to explore Azores’s diverse and beautiful landscapes is to take a hike through it. There is a network of trails throughout Azores of varying difficulty. Popular trails include the ‘easy’ Serra Branca to Praia trail on Graciosa and the ‘hard’ Algarvia to Pico da Vara route on São Miguel which takes around 5 hours to complete.

Deep Sea Fishing

Azores is a great place for those who enjoy deep fishing or want to try it out for the first time. You will find a number of charter boats at the coastal resorts, especially those on São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira and Faial. Faial is probably the best island for deep sea fishing. There are plenty of fish in the waters around Azores including barracuda and swordfish.