Arizona Holidays

Many individuals are under the false impression that Arizona is comprised of nothing more than endless stretches of arid sand.  On the contrary, this massive state has much more in store.  From towering mountains to the north to the urban delights of cities such as Phoenix, Arizona is a great place for the entire family to visit.  Thanks to its sheer size, it is wise that you plan your itinerary well in advance so that you will be able to make the most out of your time there.  Let us therefore look at a quick outline of its major attractions before providing you with a handful of sound travel trips before you depart.

What Can You Expect During Your Arizona Holiday?

There is no doubt that the most well-known attraction which has come to define Arizona during the past 300 years is the massive Grand Canyon.  Carved from an ancient river, this stone valley plummets thousands of feet into the bedrock below.  One great way to experience the Grand Canyon is to take a helicopter ride or (of you have the courage) to walk across a glass bridge known as Horseshoe Bridge.  Be sure to visit on a clear day, as you will be able to see for miles in every direction.

While the Grand Canyon is certainly majestic, we also need to point out other locations such as Lake Powell.  This man-made reservoir is said to attract more than two million visitors every year due to its clear waters and its sandy beaches.  So,who ever claimed that you cannot enjoy a day at the beach while visiting Arizona?

The Petrified Natural Forest is another amazing sight to behold.  It is said to be millions of years old and this stone forest is able to provide a window into when Arizona was much more temperate.  There are many fossils scattered throughout the region and you can obtain guided tours with the help of a ranger.  However, we should note that visiting hours are limited; always book ahead to make certain that you are able to reserve a spot.

How to Plan Your Trip to Arizona

In terms of weather, you are generally in luck.  Arizona is one of the lower 48 states which enjoys a massive amount of sunlight each year and unless you choose to stay within its northern confines, the temperatures will rarely fall below zero (even during the winter).  It is also a great idea to choose a care hire service due to the simple fact that many attractions are located considerably far apart.  It is also wise to stay within the urban centre of Phoenix, as you will be able to encounter numerous options in terms of public transportation.  Flights here can last as long as eleven hours and it is likely that you will require a connection; most likely in either New York City or Chicago O’Hare International airport.  Keep this in mind, as connections can add a significant amount of time onto your journey.