Antigua Holidays


Antigua is everyone’s idea of holiday bliss, a tropical island paradise complete with friendly local people, white sandy beaches, rum cocktails and luxury accommodation. Whether you’re planning the ultimate family holiday, a romantic package for two or a second honeymoon in the sun; Antigua is a destination you will never forget. This year and next year are amongst the best ever to consider a trip to Antigua; with many holiday providers now offering bargain deals on flights and packages. These offers make a break to Antigua more accessible for everyone’s budget, and though the island can’t be considered a low cost break, it is now more affordable than ever.

For the ultimate in luxury, many providers are now offering all inclusive deals which could work out to be cheaper overall. When taking an all-inclusive break, visitors no longer have to worry about the costs of food and drink and are free to concentrate on relaxation and exploring this beautiful island. Some travel agents offer special deals to those who are seeking to get married, renew their vows or honeymoon in Antigua. As one of the most romantic resorts on the planet, there are increasing numbers of couples who are seeking to remember Antigua as their most special destination. Romance deals often include free chocolates, wine, room upgrades and meals; so it’s always worth checking with your online travel agent before booking.

History and Culture

The island of Antigua has a rich cultural and historical heritage, combining the experiences of former slaves with Meso-Indian native people. This has given the island a unique sense of individuality and has led to unrivalled art, literature, dance, music, carnivals and festivals. Each year the island has a festival to celebrate the abolition of slavery, and displays of traditional dance and parades are seen throughout the capital and surrounding towns. During this time street food and local performances are commonplace, and the friendly and welcoming nature of the local people leads to many travellers becoming involved in the festivities.

Antiguan society is reminiscent of Britain in the 1950s and although people are warm and very friendly; the etiquette is also more formal and reserved than is typical in the UK. Beach wear is acceptable for seaside activities, but it’s normal to be more conservatively dressed in the town. For dinner most restaurants will expect men to wear a dinner jacket and tie, whilst women would typically wear a dress. When passing a stranger in the street it’s normal to offer a friendly greeting, and local people will often stop to talk and share experiences with visitors.


Antigua has some of the finest beaches and natural landscapes in the world. Whilst many people would be happy to simply sightsee or relax and read whilst sipping a cocktail; there are also many opportunities for more active pursuits. The island is home to some of the world’s greatest dive sites with impeccably preserved coral reefs and genuine shipwrecks for snorkelers and divers to explore. The wreck of the Andes, a three masted ship lost in 1905, can be easily found and explored with the help of local tour guides. The seas are warm and calm, and there is an abundance of qualified local staff to instruct and navigate dives, whatever the level of experience and proficiency of those involved. The calm and tropical seas also offer the opportunity for unforgivable activities such as swimming with stingrays, sailing and swimming.

Back on the land, there are chances to enjoy pursuits such as golfing, horse riding, trekking and cricket. The island is home to some top quality golf courses and individuals who are interested in improving their game whilst on holiday will have ample opportunities to play and gain expert tuition. Jeep safaris, guided walks and horseback riding are also popular ways in which to see the island, and many hotels and resorts would be happy to arrange these activities with a local tour operator or guide. Antigua’s unique flora and fauna are amongst some of the most magnificent in the world and can be explored fully with the popular guided excursions which operate daily from most resorts.


Accommodation choices in Antigua are incredibly diverse with both luxury and basic options catered for. From traditional sea-front huts to 5 star hotels; there are choices to suit everyone and all budgets available in Antigua. The island has a number of purpose built resorts, as well as smaller, family run, independent guest houses. Many of the larger hotels boast world-class spa and golfing facilities with the exclusive services and amenities that have made customer service in Antigua world renowned.