All Inclusive Holidays Tunisia


Tunisia is a popular destination for all inclusive holidays in Africa, sat comfortably in the north of the continent with a warm, Mediterranean climate. Its proximity to the likes of Italy makes it a popular tourist destination for Europeans along with its developed nature and ties with other renowned resorts in Egypt and Morocco. Many have the choice of traipsing through the north of the country, enjoying the Mediterranean coastline, or heading towards the cities down south, taking in destinations such as Tozeur and its links to desert tours and getaways. The capital city, Tunis, sits on the water and comes complete with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Tunis lies on the coast but is not the preferable destination for those seeking some beach-life. If you want an all inclusive holiday to Tunisia, Tunis will be top of the itinerary and visitors must take a peaceful walk through this ancient town, taking in the buildings and mosques which represent both the old and the new of the country. The Zitouna Mosque, in particular, is an important landmark and surrounded by a series of markets which will appeal to tourists. Visitors must, of course, check out the ruins of Carthage as well with easy access by train, direct from Tunis. It is an ancient trading city and is also one of the most important monuments in ancient civilisation.

For hidden gems, Djerba is a wonderful destination, an island that sits in the south of the country in the Gulf of Gabes. Again, there is an assortment of museums, mosques and temples that emit a strong sense of culture but many will wish to take full advantage of the sandy beaches, beautifully entwined with the small, traditional villages in the local area.

Monastir and Sousse, which sit conveniently near an airport, are two of the oldest cities in Tunisia. The fortified remnants of the Ribat monastery in Monastir provide great views out over the ocean and Sousse’s medina (old town) is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its clear waters add to the appeal and the port, full of fishing boats, is a lively little location, great for visitors to spend some time in. The markets, or souks, in most of the cities feature some fantastic products and the authentic experience is only added to with the lack of fixed prices, prompting tourists and stall-owners to haggle and barter over costs.

Tunis-Carthage International is the primary airport hub for visitors and those arriving from the United Kingdom won’t require a visa. There are good connections from the airport to the city centre as well and there is another airport near Monastir (Habib Bourguiba), served by charter-airlines. The flight time from London to Tunis is not long and, depending on the weather conditions, will last around three hours. There are a number of smaller airports dotted around Tunisia and for those seeking flight connections, many internal flights will begin from the capital but travelling by road is a great way to see the rest of the country.