All Inclusive Holidays Portugal

Portugal sits on the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, though, shares a completely separate culture from its neighbour. It’s a popular European destination, largely thanks to its unique culture, excellent location and Mediterranean climate. Mainland Portugal is split into four primary districts as well as the island areas (the Azores and Madeira Islands) and its capital city is Lisbon.

There are plenty of renowned cities to visit in the country, great for all inclusive holidays, with some of the best including Aveiro, nicknamed the ‘Venice of Portugal’, Porto, sat in the north of the country, as well as Albufeira in the Algarve.

As far as tourist attractions go, it depends on what part of the country you decide to visit. The Cristo Rei in Lisbon resembles the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil as it stands over downtown Lisbon. The elevator to the top isn’t expensive and the views will be worth it. Elsewhere, Lisbon is home to Castelo de São Jorge, St. George’s Castle, located on a hill, offering wondrous views of the capital and allowing visitors to step through the historic town of Alfama as well.

For those visiting the famous Algarve region, both Faro and Albufeira are full of great sites and, indeed, sights. With its long and lush coastline, it should come as no surprise to see that the highlights of the region are the various sun-kissed beaches. Any all inclusive holiday will have you by one of these excellent beaches, from the fisherman’s beach at Praia dos Pescadores to the Praia da Oura, which lies at the end of the well-known avenue/strip in the city.

For those seeking an enhanced view of the country’s history and culture, Guimarães is said to have been where Portugal ‘was born’. It was a European Capital of Culture in 2012 and the city offers many tourist amenities and services, such as a bus ride through its main sights. The city’s Castle, lying at the centre of Guimarães, is worth a visit and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a very well-kept one at that. Just outside of the city is the Penha Mountain which offers stunning views as well as perfect picnic spots. You may need to rent a car to get up the winding roads but it’s not a long journey and is certainly worth the extra effort.

Other excellent parts of Portugal include the Ribeira region of Porto, another Heritage site, and the traditional, culturally important, centre of Braga, another beautiful, historic city.

Lisbon is the main airport hub but for those seeking a southern coast holiday, Faro is another large airport and most of the large airlines fly into both cities. The flight itself is not long and usually takes just under three hours. Other cities to include airports include Porto as well as the Azores and Madeira Islands. Both feature their own international airports in Ponto Delgado and Funchal respectively, though, as one might expect, the flights are longer, taking just under four hours.