All Inclusive Holidays Kenya


Kenya is one of Africa’s hot-spots, but, is considered to be a developing country still. The tourist industry is undoubtedly high in the country and is a main contributory factor in Kenya being one of the most powerful economies on the continent. As with most of Africa, it houses a tropical climate, enhancing the experience of an all inclusive holiday, and the country is split into a number of sections, ranging from its east coast, which lies on the Indian Ocean, to its capital territory, where Nairobi lies, in the centre of the country.

One of the main attractions of Kenya is the safari opportunities and the abundance of National Parks. Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the largest parks and is home to over 400 species of bird. It sits in the Southern Rift of the country and was also Kenya’s very first rhino sanctuary. Elsewhere, Sibiloi National Park, in the Northern Rift, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its inclusion of early-period human fossils as well as animals. Many may wish to take a balloon safari, tracking the wildebeest as they migrate to the Serengeti as well.

For city-lovers, Nairobi is building rapidly and has turned into a very developed city. It does have its own National Park for those wishing to get the best of both worlds and the Elephant Orphanage is worth checking out as well, letting visitors introduce themselves to the baby elephants housed there. There are a number of museums in the area as well, perfect for someone wishing to swot up on the country, its culture and its rich history. Lake Naivasha, a short ride out of Nairobi’s city centre, is a relaxing break from the city’s bustle, allowing guests to integrate themselves with the country’s exotic wildlife.

On the eastern coast lies Mombasa, a popular beach resort for tourists. With a selection of superb hotels, traditional Kenyan wildlife and excellent beach opportunities, it is no surprise that it’s the pick of the destinations. Tiwi Beach, in particular, is great to visit as it hasn’t been spoiled by tourism, remaining a quiet, serene spot. The city’s diversity is accentuated by the inclusion of Hindu Temples, representing the developing nation and the differing religions. Tourists are allowed inside the buildings and are led by a guide as well. The Old Town is perfect for a wander during the off-hours, a charming look at traditional Kenya in all its glory.

Before flying in, a visa will have to be obtained for citizens who do not hold membership to an African nation. Its national airliner is Kenya Airways which has links with London as well. There are airports in both Mombasa (Moi International) and Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International), both of which are served by British Airways and other main airline branches, the flight time lasting around eight to nine hours. The airports in the country have become some of the main hubs for that area of Africa as well, representing Kenya’s rapid development.