All Inclusive Holidays Greece


Greece has long been a favoured holiday destination for British tourists. Holidaymakers have tended to prefer the islands to mainland Greece, such as Kefalonia or Corfu. Self-catering holidays have been offered by Greek tour operators for decades, but today more and more tourists are opting for all inclusive options instead. Greece has so much sunshine and such a long holiday season that it is quite possible to pick up a package deal in mid-spring or early autumn and expect very good weather, even by the standards of the Mediterranean. If you are thinking about an all inclusive holiday, especially if you like good food which is often barbecued, then there can be few better destinations to consider than Greece.

Greece was the cradle of European culture and philosophy. Its history is second to none and you can explore much of this whilst also enjoying its more traditional charms, such as unspoilt golden sand beaches. In Kefalonia, for example, there are perfect stretches of beach as well as the remains of buildings from ancient times to explore. Greece has a distinctive architectural style of its own.

Santorini is a good example of a place to find it. Here, you can find wonderful beaches in traditional resorts as well as steep cobbled pathways in towns that cling to the cliffs. The homes and hotels in Santorini have a traditional whitewash and deep blue look that is so evocative of Greece. If you head to many Greek islands, you can still spot the windmills that have been used for centuries – a good sign that the island in question will provide a cooling breeze for tourists and locals, alike.

Greek hospitality is legendary and many tavernas will welcome you for a drink or a lunchtime snack with open arms. Check out a taverna or two on an island like Kos or Corfu, where you’ll probably find some plate smashing fun and maybe a bouzouki player strumming some traditional Greek music.

Many resorts and hotel complexes offer outdoor swimming pools which are great for families and offer safe bathing. If you head down to the beach, then expect to pay for the hire of a sun lounger, but it is generally worth it so that you also have a parasol that can keep off the midday heat. One of the most important sites in all of Greece is on the mainland. Athens boasts some the best museums in the whole of the Mediterranean, however the city is best avoided in high summer when it can get too hot for many holidaymakers.

Generally speaking, it takes three and a half hours to fly to Greece from the UK. Add a little more flight time if you are heading from anywhere other than London and if you are going to a southern island, like Crete. All of the UK hub airports serve Greece and only the very small islands don’t have their own airstrip to land at. Many of the island airports have just one runway and a single terminal building, but they are generally very well run and comfortable.