Zagreb Flights

Zagreb Flights

In recent years, Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, has emerged as a popular holiday destination for Brits. The stunning coastline and amiable weather owes much to Zagreb’s appeal. However, Zagreb’s delights can be found inland too. Inland you will find a wealth of cultural attractions, great shopping opportunities and excellent restaurants.

The best time to visit Zagreb is during the early autumn or just before the summer peak season. It is a wise idea to avoid Zagreb in August as the streets and attractions become somewhat overcrowded.

Flight Information

Zagreb International Airport (ZAG), sometimes called Pleso Airport, serves Zagreb and is the country’s principal international airport. According to what time of year you visit, a return flight from London to Zagreb will cost between £80 and £200. On average it takes just two hours to fly to Zagreb from London.

What to Do in Zagreb

There are a number of exciting landmarks and monuments to visit throughout the city. However, the Medvedgrad Fortress and Ban Jelacic Square are not to be missed! The Medvedgrad Fortress is 13th century fort which is situated just southwest of the city. The fortress has been well restored and offers an awesome view of the city. Ban Jelacic Square or Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica is the square at the heart of the city here you will find cafes and pubs to relax in and in the centre of the square there is a statue of the eponymous governor.

In terms of restaurants and shopping, you will find that the Lower Town has the best variety. In particular, the Donji Grad neighbourhood of the Lower Town has the best selection of restaurants and eateries. In the Lower Town you will find a number of malls and Ilica is the main shopping street. If you are looking to buy some traditional Zagreb items for souvenirs, head to the Upper Town. Traditional Zagreb souvenirs include china, pots and crystal. While in the Upper Town shopping, be sure to check out the Dolac Market, the city’s daily farmers’ market.

There are plenty of museums and galleries in Zagreb. Most of them are situated in the Lower Town. However, you will find a handful in the Upper Town such as the City Museum and the Museum of Broken Relationships.


As Zagreb is the major financial and political centre, many of the hotels in Zagreb have been designed with business travellers in mind and tend to be more expensive than hotels elsewhere in the country. Hotels for business travellers are concentrated in the Upper Town and have the best amenities such as gyms and Wi-Fi. In addition, Upper Town hotels are also in close proximity to the major attractions and the Old Town.

Most people on holiday in Zagreb book accommodation in the Lower Town. Accommodation in this neighbourhood is cheaper than that in the Upper Town and there is a greater range of accommodation options to choose from. This region also boasts the best selection of restaurants and entertainment.

However, it does not matter too much which part of the city you stay in as the city is very walkable and is well connected by a tramline.