Stuttgart Flights

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Stuttgart is the sixth-largest city in Germany with a population of just over 600,000 residents. When we consider that other small towns form a ring around the city, the overall population then increases to approximately 2.7 million. Stuttgart is also quite an ancient city although many modern structures have been built during the past 60 years. So, it is apparent that this location will be an obvious tourist destination.

Flight Information

The average flight time between London and Stuttgart International Airport (STR) is approximately one hour and 40 minutes. This is for a non-stop flight. Those with layovers and connections will take anywhere between three and six hours. Some of the common airlines that serve this location include Germanwings, British Airways, Brussels Air, Airberlin and KLM.

Things to do in Stuttgart

Many will choose to arrive here between September and October. There are two main reasons for this. First, the climate here is quite agreeable and not as hot as during the middle months of summer. Secondly, a yearly festival known as the Cannstatter Volksfest is one of the most famous of its kind in all of Germany. Those who are fans of local German beer should definitely not miss out on this opportunity. There are countless beer tents that will display tasty ales and lagers. Fairground rides and a massive Ferris wheel are excellent ideas if you are planning on arriving to the festival with children. Other sights include nightly fireworks displays, an agricultural exhibition, a parade and reproductions of traditional French and Alpine villages.

Schlossplatz is by far the most famous urban attraction within the city. It is particularly known for a massive fountain which is located in its centre. Having been built between 1746 and 1807, much of the architecture remains in place and is an excellent example of a neo-classical style. Major outdoor events are held year throughout the year. These can include open-air concerts, children’s entertainment and holiday celebrations. When other sporting events are held at different locations in the world, three massive television screens allow individuals to watch the games from the plaza itself. Although the architecture is indeed stunning, you are just as able to sit outside one of the numerous cafes and enjoy a tall glass of ale or a light snack before heading off to other locations.

Old Castle at Schillerplatz is another sight that has attracted tourists for hundreds of years. Believe it or not, this structure dates back to 905 and has remained in nearly constant use since this time. Many royal figures are buried beneath a church that is found within the site. Currently, the Old Castle is home to the Wurttemburg State Museum. Here, you can witness old relics that have been found throughout the ages as well as get a better understanding of the history of Stuttgart and the surrounding areas.