Sharm el-Sheikh Flights

Around 30 years ago, Sharm el-Sheikh was little more than a small fishing town with a few dive spots and a single hotel. However, in recent years it has emerged as one of Egypt’s most premier and well-equipped holiday resorts.

Flight Information

Sharm el-Sheikh is served by Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) which is just over 5 miles away from Na’ama Bay. The airport handles both domestic and charter flights. On average, it takes around five hours to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh from London. However, if you would just like to book flights, an alternative is to fly to Cairo International Airport (CAI) and then take a domestic flight to Sharm el-Sheikh.
If transfers are not prearranged, upon arrival at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, travellers can either take a shuttle bus or taxi to the city. Out of the two options, shuttle buses are the most economical.


Much of the accommodation in Sharm el-Sheikh falls into the midrange category and can be found both in the Hadaba area and the bay area. Out of the two locations, Na’ama Bay is the particularly popular as it offers excellent views of the coastline.

However, if you are looking for budget accommodation, your choices in Sharm el-Sheikh are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, there is a very affordable and popular youth hostel and it is possible to make some great savings on mid-range hotels if you book in advance. In addition, it is worth mentioning that hotels farther away from Na’ama Bay tend to sport lower room rates.


Undeniably, Sharm el-Sheikh’s major draw card is its stunning coastline with swaths of sand and pebble beaches. The water here is incredibly clear, making it a great for diving and snorkelling. Under the sea, divers will find coral reefs and plenty of interesting sea creatures. There are also plenty of opportunities for water sports here such as parasailing, windsurfing and canoeing.

Divers should also check out the Strait of Tiran which is just a few kilometres away. The strait separates Tiran Island from the coast and the centre of the channel is home to four stunning coral reefs.


Though Sharm el-Sheikh does not have as many landmarks as other Egyptian resorts, it has a number of attractions that are certainly worth a visit. The area’s most famous landmark is St. Catherine’s Monastery which is situated as the base of Mount Sinai. The monastery dates back to biblical times and has a number of interesting buildings to visit.
One of the monastery’s most famous attractions is the Burning Bush which is believed to have burned when God spoke to Moses. While the bush was replanted during the 10th Century, this site still has considerable historical and religious significance.