Poland Flights


There are a number of airports distributed throughout Poland. In terms of passenger traffic, the two most popular airports in Poland are Warsaw’s Warsaw-Chopin Airport and John Paul II International Airport in Kraków. The time it takes to fly from London to Poland varies according to which part of the country you are flying to and if your flight makes any stops along the way. On average, a direct flight from London to Warsaw will take around 3 hours.


There are a number of interesting sights to visit while on holiday in Warsaw, notable sights include the Wilanów Palace, the Old Town and Royal Castle. Wilanów Palace dates back to the late 17th century and for centuries it served as a summer residence for royalty. Today, the palace is open up for the public to explore. Inside the palace there are a number of interesting rooms showcasing period furniture and important pieces of art including a 17th century sundial.

The original Old Town of Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War. However, great pains have been taken to restore the Old Town to its former magnificence. The Old Town is an eclectic mix of baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture and has a lively, welcoming atmosphere. Within the Old Town there are number of important cultural attractions such as the Historical Museum of Warsaw and the Royal Castle.

The Royal palace is a must-visit when on holiday in Warsaw. While the palace was heavily damaged during the war, great lengths have been taken to restore the castle to its former glory. Inside the castle there are a number of fascinating rooms to explore; highlights include the beautifully adorned Assembly Room and the Canaletto Room which houses more than 20 paintings by Bernardo Bellotto.


The beautiful city of Kraków is more than 750 years old and is the most popular destination in the country. Home to both historical and modern attractions, it is easy to see why Kraków is such a popular city for holidaymakers. Wawel Castle is a must-visit when on holiday in Kraków. The castle dates back to the 16th century and miraculously managed to survive a number of attacks throughout the centuries. The castle has been converted into a fascinating museum which is divided into 5 separate sections.

Another must-visit attraction in Kraków is the city’s stunning Gothic cathedral. The cathedral was the coronation site for Polish monarchs and is the most important religious building in the country. Inside the cathedral there are almost 20 chapels to explore, each replete with treasures that the cathedral has accumulated over its life.