Peru Flights

Peru Flights

With dramatic landscapes, an intricate history and plenty of interesting cities to explore, Peru is one of South America’s most exciting holiday destinations. From ascending Machu Picchu and to exploring Lima’s quaint plazas and historic attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Peru.

Flight Information

Most people heading to Peru fly to Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) which is the country’s largest airport and principal gateway. While there are no direct flights to Peru from London, a number of airlines offer regular, indirect flights to Peru including KLM, American Airlines and Iberia. On average, a flight from London to Lima with just one stop will take at least 16 hours.

Fortunately, flight prices are very consistent throughout the year, only increasing slightly during the summer and around major public holidays.

What to Do in Peru

Without a doubt, Machu Picchu is Peru’s top attraction and one of South America’s most important archaeological sites. The site has a number of interesting ruins to visit including the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Tomb and Intihuatana, a shrine used to predict solstices. No trip to Machu Picchu is complete without exploring the Inca Trail. This scenic route is one of the most popular hiking trails in South America and runs 33 km from Chillca to Machu Picchu.

While Machu Picchu may be Peru’s most popular destination, there are plenty of other exciting places to explore such as Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima is lined by a number of beautiful beaches, many of which are great for surfing. Some of the best beaches in the area include Caballeros Beach and La Pampilla Beach. Away from the coast, there are plenty of fun things to do in the city from exploring the museums and galleries to strolling around Peru’s handsome Plazas.

Cusco is another popular destination for those heading to Peru. Cusco is situated in the south of Peru and was the capital of the Inca Empire up until the early 1500s. Cusco has a number of interesting landmarks and historical sites to visit including the Cathedral of Cusco and the Saqsaywaman fort. The Cathedral of Cusco dates back to the sixteenth century and is home to a collection of treasures including valuable paintings. One of its most intriguing relics is a blackened crucifix which was paraded around the town to stop an earthquake during the mid-seventeenth century. The Saqsaywaman fort sits above the city and, although it is only a fifth of its original size, the fort showcases the Inca’s engineering skills.