Oslo Flights

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Oslo is the capital as well as the most populous city in Norway. As it is well over 3,000 years old, Oslo offers visitors a unique glimpse of both the ancient and the modern. It is also referred to as one of the cleanest cities on the European continent. Oslo is also ranked as the number-one city in all of Europe in terms of quality of life and happiness. From a stunning skyline to such major tourist attractions as The Royal Palace, the Oslo Opera House and Oslofjord, millions of visitors are able to partake in the unique beauty of this truly world-class metropolitan destination.

Flight Information

Most flights between London (all airports) and Oslo will have a duration of just over two hours. Travellers will arrive at Oslo International Airport (OSL). Interestingly enough, even some of the connecting flights will take this same amount of time. However, certain carriers can extend the trip by up to five hours (depending upon the connection location). Some of the most popular airlines include Norwegian Airlines, British Airways, Air Baltic and Iberia.

What to do in Oslo

Some of the most popular attractions in Oslo are the numerous open-air parks to be enjoyed. During the summer months, the weather here is quite agreeable and these locations are excellent ways for families to enjoy the great outdoors. Some of the largest rural areas are Frogner Park, St. Hanshaugen Park and a large forested area known as Nordmarka (Northern Forest).

Another timeless destination is the large Viking Museum found within its city centre. This museum contains one of the only examples of a fully intact Viking ship; providing an interesting glimpse into this hearty and traditional culture. There are also numerous other relics here and guided tours are available in English.

Families should be sure not to miss the fun and excitement found within a park known as Birkelunden. Approximately the size of a city block, a playground as well as a large pavilion and even a small ice rink are all to be found here. There are several monuments located within its confines that will allow for excellent photo opportunities.

Finally, Oslo is home to the famous Nobel Peace Centre. This showcases some of the Nobel Prizes that have been awarded over the years as well as displaying the unique history behind its numerous recipients. Thankfully, this and the other attractions that we have mentioned are all located within convenient walking distances from downtown Oslo itself.