Monaco Flights

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At a total land area of just over two square kilometres, Monaco is considered to be the second-smallest country in the world in terms of size. Still, it is a popular holiday destination found on the famous French Riviera. Known for its balmy climate, immaculate beaches and as a haven for the rich and famous, countless travellers will visit here each and every year.

Flight Information

When flying from any major airport in London, the approximate travel time to Monaco is just under 2 hours. However, keep in mind that this country does not have an airport of its own. Rather, holidaymakers will instead arrive at Nice International Airport (NCE). Some of the most common carriers are British Airways, KLM, easyJet and Swiss Air. For those who desire a connecting flight, this time will increase to between 3 and 4 hours total.

Things to do in Monaco

As should be expected, there are a number of experiences to enjoy upon one’s arrival. Those who are fans of games such as blackjack and poker will not be disappointed. Monaco is known by many to be the capital of gambling. This is perhaps no better illustrated than with the example of the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Not only has this casino been featured in movies such as GoldenEye and Casino Royale, but its interior is truly exquisite to behold. However, keep in mind that finding a game at such a venue may require a bit of cash. So, think ahead if you plan on visiting this classic gaming establishment.

Of course, you should always make it a point to experience the splendour and beauty of the amazing French Riviera. As this location surrounds Monaco itself, enjoying such a location could not be easier. You can choose to walk along the shores and marvel at the world-class hotels which are to be found nearby or simply soak up the rays of the sun. Many hotels are present here; some of which are famous throughout the world. These can make for excellent photographic opportunities. There are miles of beautiful beaches here as well. The climate is amenable and the waters quite warm. Those who enjoy outdoor activities can participate in sailing and surfing classes. Local diving excursions are likewise a possibility. These are all great choices for the entire family.

If you are a fan of racing, be sure to visit this location when the Monaco Grand Prix is held. Having taken place since 1929, this Formula One event draws millions of aficionados from around the world. It is held each year in the month of May. However, never forget that securing tickets may be difficult. It is always wise to book well in advance of your visit. Also, the nearby hotels will undoubtedly fill up as race day approaches. Call ahead to see which spots are the most convenient (and the cheapest; prices are also liable to rise).