Malta Flights


The Mediterranean climate in Malta makes it a popular holiday destination for those who enjoy the summer sun. In summer, there are approximately twelve hours of sunshine per day, with the weather conditions normally hot and dry. There is a lot to see and do in Malta, ranging from cultural and historical attractions to water sports.

Flight Information

The flight time from London to Malta is approximately three and a half hours, with all flights arriving at Malta International Airport in Luqa. The airport is just ten minutes away from the capital city of Valletta. There are several options for travelling to and from the airport, such as the airport shuttle and bus service. You can also get a taxi or hire a car at the airport.

Things to Do in Malta

The Maltese Islands boast seven thousand years of culture and heritage, so there are many attractions where you can learn more about the history of the area. Casa Rocca Piccola was built in the 16th century, and is currently home to the 9th Marquis of Piro. Although privately owned, it is open to the public and provides the opportunity to explore the palatial rooms and family chapel. There is also a cavern which was used for shelter during World War Two and a walled garden. Malta also has several museums, including the Malta at War Museum, the Malta Classic Car Museum and the Museum of Archaeology.

There are also plenty of natural attractions in Malta. You can go hiking or hire a mountain bike to enjoy the impressive scenery and seascapes. The island of Gozo offers amazing panoramic views, as well as historical sites and forts. Gozo has attractive countryside with stone farmhouses and Baroque churches, with walking trails along ancient landscapes, high cliffs and hidden beaches. Malta also has some attractive gardens to visit, such as Argotti Botanical Gardens and Howard Gardens.

If you enjoy water sports, there are many options available. You can wind surf, jet ski, water ski or go sea kayaking, or even try paragliding. Malta is also an excellent location for diving and snorkelling, with warm waters and good visibility. There are reefs, caves and wrecks to explore, either as a beginner or an experienced diver. There are several types of diving course offered by the local schools. There are many beaches to choose from in Malta, whether you want to take part in water sports or just relax on the beach.


There are numerous hotels to choose from in Malta, including luxury, economy and family friendly. Malta has resort hotels with modern amenities, such as fitness centres, swimming pools and internet access. Some resort hotels also offer private beach clubs and water sports facilities. If you prefer, there are also hotels that are smaller and quieter than the main resorts. Malta has a good selection of self-catering properties, with many seafront apartments available. Whether you prefer to stay in a lively location close to the nightlife or a more peaceful location, you should find something to suit your tastes.