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Malaga is the capital of the autonomous province of the same name found in Andalusia, Spain. Known as a sunny haven for tourists for decades. Countless individuals and families flock to this paradise each and every year. As the weather here is tropical and very few days are rainy, Malaga is also considered to be one of the best places to enjoy when escaping the cold weather of northern Europe

Flight Information

When one leaves from an international airport in London, the average flight time will normally be just under three hours. For those who instead choose a connection flight to Malaga International Airport (AGP), these times will increase to five hours or more. As should be expected, a number of carriers service this route. Some include Iberia, British Airways, Monarch, easyJet, Ryanair and Vueling.

Thing to do in Malaga

The beaches will obviously draw crowds during any time of the day or evening. These are all located upon what is locally known as the Costa del Sol (the Sun Coast). The basic layout includes a main road which houses countless English-themed bars on one side and endless stretches of sand on the other. Some of the most frequented locations include Benalmadena and Benidorm. These are known to become quite busy during the peak holiday season. Should you be looking for a more tranquil setting, visiting locations such as Guadalhorce (to the north) will provide more privacy for you and your family. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, for the solar rays can be brutal during any time of the year.

Andalusia is known for a history that was heavily influenced by Arabic cultures. This can be seen in much of the older architecture here and a perfect way to catch a glimpse into the past is to visit the famous Alcazaba of Malaga. Constructed by a Moorish king centuries ago, this is one of the most pristine examples of preserved Arabic architecture in existence. Daily tours are offered and you can witness the splendour of intricate designs, functional fountains and a large garden terrace located within its interior. As the Alcazaba is perched upon the peak of a high cliff, you are also able to enjoy panoramic views of the nearby countryside and the city of Malaga itself. There are public excursions here or you can instead choose to use a car hire service to explore the surrounding countryside as well.

Tivoli World is another must-see attraction when travelling to Malaga. This massive amusement park is located within the nearby town of Benalmadena and is thought to be the number-one venue for families in all of Andalusia. Water slides, man-made mountains, haunted houses and open-air swimming pools are but a few of the amenities to be enjoyed here. Tickets can be purchased on an all-day basis; allowing you and your family to fully experience all that Tivoli World has to offer. This park is open throughout the year.