India Flights

India flight

Boasting a population of well over one billion inhabitants, India is the second-most populous country in the world next to China. From its rugged northern mountains to the balmy climate of the Indian Ocean, this country is as diverse as it is culturally unique.

Flight Information

As India is such a large country, there are several major airports which will cater to international arrivals from London.
The largest of these is Mumbai (BOM). The average flight time between these two locations is approximately eight hours and forty minutes. However, other routes are available. For example, the time between London and New Dehli is just under nine hours while flights with a stop can last as long as twelve hours in total.

Things to Do in India

The largest city in India according to population is Mumbai. Thus, there are a host of sights to be experienced by travellers. Some of the most popular include the spectacular Prince of Wales Museum and the tropical allure of Elephanta Island. For visiting families, a large amusement centre known as EseelWorld is an ideal choice.

Of course, no trip to India would be complete without visiting the picturesque mausoleum of Taj Majal. This iconic structure was built in the seventeenth century as a tribute to the wife of a powerful emperor. Now, a massive reflecting pool and white marble walls stand as stunning testaments to one of the greatest examples of Mughal architecture.

Many visitors choose to meander through the sacred shores of the Ganges River. This waterway has been revered by locals religion for thousands of years and millions of Indians will make a pilgrimage to the Ganges to pay respect to their gods as well as to ask for a bountiful future. Such a visit is ideal at capturing the unique cultural traditions of such a timeless country.

For those with a keen eye for modern architecture, the Lotus Temple should not be missed. Located in New Dehli and famed for its flower-like appearance, this temple is open to all individuals; regardless of their creed, nationality or religion. In fact, the Lotus Temple is an ideal example of the tolerance which is now exhibited in many regions throughout the country.

The Brindavan Gardens are found within the region of Karnataka in southwest India. Not only are the countless examples of flora stunning, but the evenings are accented by coloured fountains which are sure to leave an indelible impression upon any traveller.

These are but a handful of the truly mesmerising experiences to be found in India. Thanks to amenable flight times and a host of regions to visit, any trip here will provide countless and unforgettable memories.