Helsinki Flights

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Helsinki is the capital and the largest city within the country of Finland. With a population of approximately 625,000, it is also quite a popular tourist destination. An eclectic mix of the ancient and the modern further define this unique location.

Flight Details

When travelling from the United Kingdom (London) to Helsinki International Airport (HEL), the average flight time is approximately two hours and 50 minutes. Please note that most flights are direct. Layovers will naturally add on more time to the overall flight. Some of the major carriers which service these two destinations include Finnair, British Airways and Norwegian Airlines.

What to do in Helsinki

Due to the sheer size of this city, there are countless attractions to enjoy. For those who are arriving with a family, one of the most famous must-see attractions is a massive amusement park named Linnanmaki (literally translated to “Castle Hill” in English). Boasting no less than 43 different rides, a family can spend an entire day here and still not experience all that there is to see. Arcade stalls, outdoor games, kiosks and on-sit restaurants are but a few of the other amenities offered. During the warmer months of the year, an outdoor stage will host musical concerts and similar live events.

History buffs will love experiencing the Natural Museum of Finland. As this city dates from prehistoric times, there are a number of breath-taking attractions to be witnesses. It is also one of the tallest structures in the city, as its main spire ascends a dizzying 58 metres into the air. It is also centrally located, so arriving here is quick and easy with the use of most public transport systems. There are permanent exhibitions as well as those which rotate on a regular basis. The permanent displays will offer ancient coins, jewellery, weapons and other common items that are specific to Finland itself. There is also an interactive exhibition that allows visitors to study the history of Finland in a very hands-on way through numerous displays and guided sessions.

A final destination that is not to be missed is the Ekenas Archipelago Natural Park. During the spring and summer months, this can be a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Comprising no less than 52 square kilometres, this location is ideal for an outing with the family or simply to obtain a bit of fresh air. There are numerous beaches and estuaries while the wildlife here is some of the most protected in all of Europe. From April until July, the use of motorboats is prohibited due to the nesting species of birds found upon the shore.