Guatemala Flights

Guatemala flight

Sharing borders with Mexico, Belize, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Guatemala has been a popular tourist destination for countless years. This country was actually a centre for the Mayan civilisation and thus, it offers an eclectic mix of both the ancient and the modern. For those who wish to visit Guatemala, it is a good idea to better understand what the region has to offer.

Flight Information

On average, the flight time from London to Guatemala City is just over eleven hours. However, recall that this time also includes an average of thirty minutes which are devoted to both take-off and landing. An additional airport known as Mundo Maya International Airport is also serviced by some flights to London and the travel time is roughly the same.

Things to do in Guatemala

Most tourists will choose to partake in the numerous sights that Guatemala City has to offer. Due to a rich history, many centres such as the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology offer pristine views into the past. Interesting Mayan artefacts can be observed here and such a window to the past should not be missed. Also, the city itself offers examples of indigenous art, musical street festivals and truly tempting restaurants.

Lake Atitlan is another memorable location that should not be missed. This is actually the deepest lake in all of Central America and it has been called by some the most beautiful lake in the world. Its deep blue hues afford for excellent pictures while the tranquil shores are perfect for a relaxing picnic.

Although the natural beauty of this country abounds, locations such as the Santa Maria Volcano are a very active testament to the changing landscape of Guatemala. It is considered to be quite a stunning volcano and as Santa Maria is still somewhat active, visitors can get a relatively up-close look at nature in its most visceral form.

Las Victorias National Park is found just outside of the city of Coban in central Guatemala. Covering a total of eighty-two hectares, this park was a former coffee farm that has since been converted into a tropical paradise. Travellers can expect to enjoy tranquil waterfalls, scenic terraced plots of land and a number of lakes that are interspersed throughout the property. Hiking trails and campgrounds are also available for those who wish to get a closer look at what this location has to offer.

These spots are all perfect for anyone who is looking to obtain a hands-on feel for such a unique region. Thankfully, there are numerous flights from London to Guatemala City and with such travel options, there is indeed to reason not to visit this stunning Central American country.