Goa Flights


Goa is the most magical destination on earth, with miles of sandy tropical beaches, warm and friendly local people, amazing culture and awe-inspiring wildlife. There is something for everyone in Goa, with the option to enjoy action-packed activities, explore the local architecture or simply relax on the beach. Considered to be the most relaxed state in India, its unique local culture is shaped by the Portuguese occupation, and this still influences much of the food, art and religion in Goa – and it’s the only state in India where meat is widely eaten and most local people are Catholic. With a friendly atmosphere and laid back attitude, Goa is the perfect destination to get away from all the pressures of modern life, and it is now more affordable than ever with many tour operators offering the cheapest flights available in years.

How to get the cheapest flights to Goa

Goa is a long haul destination from the UK and has typically been seen as a more expensive holiday, however flight costs have been falling in recent years and there are now a number of ways to travel to Goa for a bargain price. Exploring airflights online is a great option for travellers who have a tight budget as it allows visitors to take advantage of last minute deals and savings for booking well in advance. It’s wise to offer flexibility when looking for cheap travel flights, as flying to or from a different airport or on an alternative date can make a huge difference to the cost of flights. If you’re backpacking or looking for an adventure, then why not try flying to one of the other airports in India which are often cheaper, such as Mumbai or New Delhi? Connections throughout India are very good, although sometimes slow, and there are a large number of sleeper train routes which connect Goa to the rest of the country. If you’re backpacking or on a Gap Year adventure then India’s trains are certainly something unique to be experienced!

Some flight operators will offer large discounts on airflights if you’re willing to make stopovers, usually in airports such as Dubai and Zurich. Flights are available from airports around the UK, and this can be a good option for those whose trip isn’t time sensitive, who need to make large savings on their travel flights, or are looking for a multi-stop trip. These options are particularly good for those who would like to save money but take a day or two to explore the stopover locations and get a taste of life in these cities.

Why not travel to Goa outside peak season?

Most people travel to Goa around November – January, and Christmas is particularly popular. If you’re looking to travel on a budget then it’s best to avoid these times, and there are lots of bargains to be had in off-season. Even travelling within the warmer months or during monsoon time, which is typically seen as the most romantic time in India as newlyweds hide from the rains in their new homes, there is much to discover and visitors will not be disappointed. If you travel outside of the November – January window then prices for accommodation and flights are generally much cheaper, and local shops and restaurants in Goa will be happy to haggle for the business.