Fuerteventura Flights


Interestingly enough, the name “Fuerteventura” can actually be translated to “strong winds” in English. However, this hardly describes the tropical paradise that can be found here. Located within the temperate Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

Fuerteventura Flights

Fuerteventura is served by Fuerteventura Airport (which is also known as El Matorral Airport) which is situated on the island’s east coast, 5km from Puerto del Rosario.

There are six airlines which offer direct flights between London and Fuerteventura and on average the flight time from London to Fuerteventura is less just under four hours.

Things to Do and See in Fuerteventura

Some extremely popular attractions in Fuerteventura revolve around the eclectic festivals to be found here. Notwithstanding the massive Festival of Canarian Music, other notable events include Lebrancho Rock and Fuertemusica. You can expect a wide selection of bands and extremely attractive outdoor concert halls. Additionally, many smaller towns will hold their own local festivals which are always an interesting “looking glass” into the unique culture here.

No review of Fuerteventura would be sufficient without mentioning the truly spectacular beaches to be enjoyed. While the norther beaches are havens for the bulk of visitors, it is recommended to experience the southern locations; the favourable winds enable these waters to be attractive for surfing and windsurfing. In particular, a small fishing village known as El Cotillo is host to some of the calmest beaches on the island and is perfect for long and romantic walks.

For those who are interested in history, perhaps the most notable attraction within Fuerteventura is a large house known as Villa Winter. This is a truly stunning villa and it offers an impressive view of the nearby beaches: many of which are pleasantly devoid of tourists. Villa Winter is reputed to have been built by Fransisco Franco during his reign as dictator of Spain and this perhaps explains why the location is not frequently promoted by local tourism authorities. It is nonetheless a picturesque location that should be visited.

A final interesting feature is a large sculpture park that is found within the capital of Puerto del Rosario. This location contains approximately one hundred different sculptures that were created from various artists across Fuerteventura and all of Spain. As these are changed on a yearly basis, it has been said that this park is in a constant state of evolution. Many festivals within Fuerteventura are highlighted by artists arriving and erecting their sculptures in full view of spectators.

These are only four of the numerous attractions that can be found here. Still, the food in Fuerteventura is also known throughout Europe and there are countless restaurants to choose from. Thanks to an amenable climate, this paradise can be visited throughout the year.