A Look at Holiday Flights to Tallinn

Tallinn is the largest city within the country of Estonia and many consider this destination to be one of the best-kept secrets within Eastern Europe. Thanks to a history that can be (roughly) traced back to the 13th century, many individuals enjoy a holiday here in order to experience a bit of change. Whether you arrive in the summer or the winter, there is indeed always something to enjoy. Assuming that you are planning to fly to Tallinn from London, it is always a good idea to take a quick look at some of the main logistics involved. You will then be able to formulate a schedule based around your unique needs. So, let’s now begin.

Tallinn Airports and Flight Information

Lennart Mari Tallinn Airport is the main hub which serves the city centre as well as its surrounding confines. It is also the primary base for major carriers such as LOT Polish Airlines and Air Baltic. Experts estimate that more than 2.2 million travellers utilised this airport to arrive into Tallinn proper. Another convenient fact associate with this location is that it is found only 2.7 kilometres outside of the city centre. It is also quite close to major hotels and a car park is offered in the event that you wish to drive during your stay.

This airport is actually one of the oldest within Europe that is still active, as its roots go as far back as the inter-war period. Thus, it was an important transportation hub as well as an interchange for cargo between eastern and western Europe. This tradition continues into the present day. Tallinn Airport is also home to military aircraft which provide protection to Estonia as well as to neighbouring countries.

A handful of additional airlines which are served by Tallinn Airport include (but are not limited to):

• British Airways
• easyJet
• Lufthansa
• Finnair
• Vueling
• Scandinavian Airlines

If you are looking for a quick flight into this city as well as Estonia, you will be pleased to know that the average duration of direct flights from London to Tallinn is just under three hours. However, connecting flights are often economical alternatives if you are on a limited budget. In this case, flight times can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours. This is why it is important to check which airports offer layovers as well as how long these layovers will last.

What to Take Into Account when Visiting Tallinn

The winters here can become quite cold; particularly between early January and late February. So, be sure to plan on this in advance. While this could be excellent if you are looking to ski on one of the nearby mountains, you might otherwise prefer to visit during the late spring or early summer in order to take advantage of the particularly wonderful weather associated with Tallinn and the entire country.