Flights to Los Haitises National Park

Natural beauty, seclusion and a unique diversity of wildlife are a handful of terms which can be used to describe Los Haitises National Park. This vast expanse of untamed wilderness is found on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic and it has been considered to be protected land since 1976. Due to its rather remote nature, it is one of the only national parks within the Caribbean which has not yet been fully explored. However, it is possible to visit here through the use of tour guides and select excursions. The coastline along the park is also quite beautiful and you can contract boat rides to enjoy an amazingly pristine panoramic view. Let’s take a closer look at some important airport and flight information.

Basic Flight Information Associated with Los Haitises National Park

The closest airport to Los Haitises National Park is Punta Cana International Airport. While it is privately owned, is is still one of the largest in the country and it caters to dozens of international flights on a daily basis. It is said that more than 6.3 million passengers passed through its terminals in 2016 and this number is only expected to increase into the future.

Punta Cana (and the airport itself) is located approximately two hours away by bus from Los Haitises National Park. Please note that there is no rail service provided to the park although it is possible to make use of care hire companies or even local taxis in order to complete your journey. There are five different terminals within the airport and the first two (A and B) are normally reserved for international arrivals and departures. Some of the airlines which operate our of Punta Cana International Airport include:

• Air Canada
• Air France
• British Airways
• Condor Airlines
• Delta Airlines
• Thomas Cook Airlines (out of Manchester)

The average flight time between London and Punta Cana International Airport is approximately nine hours for a direct flight. Please note that at the time that this article was written, there were only three direct flights offered from London Heathrow. The number of connecting departures is much higher although you should still check in advance.

Planning Ahead Before Your Journey

Always take the weather into account, as the Dominican Republic is often hit by hurricanes between the months of June and late September. This is also when it happens to be the hottest and temperatures have been known to rise as high as 40ºC. A great way to beat the heat as well as the chances of rain is to arrive here in the early autumn or the late spring. This also happens to be when there are a number of tours of the park to choose from. Finally, try to contact the park in advance to understand their opening hours as well as the basic rules associated with a visitation.