Kaohsiung Holiday Flights and the Basic Facts

Kaohsiung is one of the largest and most popular cities within Taiwan. Thanks to recent urban development, a growing number of tourists are now choosing to experience its confines and to enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday. Notwithstanding the occasional boat trip from other locations, the chances are high that those who are planning a trip here will be flying. The majority of travellers will arrive at Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH). This is actually the second largest airport in Taiwan. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the most major hub. Still, there are many times when you may be presented with the option to utilise Kaohsiung Airport. What do you need to know in order to plan your holiday accordingly?

A Look at the Airport

Kaohsiung International Airport serves roughly six million passengers every year. There are two main terminals. One is designated for regional passengers and the other is reserved for international arrivals. This takes a significant amount of guesswork out of the equation, as many believe that its confines are much easier to navigate thanks to such a clean layout.

Another benefit is that while the airport opened in 1965, the international terminal was opened in only 1997. The facilities are therefore quite modern and the entire interior is equipped with wireless Internet in the event that you need to check email or message a friend upon arrival.

The airport is located within the Siaogang District of Taiwan. It has been strategically placed here, as this is one of the more centralised districts and it is generally easy to find transportation to the outer portions of the island. Some of the methods include rail, taxi and pubic bus. Another interesting feature of this airport is that it is found within the souther portion of the country and it is quite close to mainland China. Since the latter half of the 1990s, the number of passengers has been growing thanks to an increased number of cross-channel flights between Taiwan and mainland China.

What Airlines are Served?

We should point out that the majority of airlines which work out of this airport are associated with East Asia. To put this another way, you will likely need a connecting flight in order to reach Taiwan. Some of the carriers included within this list are:

• China Airlines
• Cathay Dragon
• Air Asia
• Vietnam Airlines
• Tigerair Taiwan

It is always wise to compare prices between different carries in order to determine the best way forward.

What to Take Into Account

Flights between London and Taiwan normally takes just over 24 hours. So, keep this in mind when travelling with small children. It is also wise to avoid the typhoon season (between May and September) in order to escape any potentially inclement weather. Finally, research your public transportation options based upon where you will be staying. It is much better to be prepared in advance in order to adjust for any unexpected events along the way.