Holiday Flights to Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the most popular cities to be found upon the east coast of the United States, and for good reason. Not only does this city provide travel options to other areas such a Tampa, South Carolina and Georgia, but its proximity to the coastline has enabled it to become a prime spot for beach lovers of all ages. Thankfully, you have a number of flight options when arriving here from London. In order to appreciate what is in store as well as to know how to best plan ahead, we have put together a brief overview of the main airport as well as which carriers will suit your needs. So, let’s begin.

Jacksonville Airport and Flight Details

The main airport which serves the city as well as the surrounding regions is Jacksonville International Airport. It is found approximately 13 kilometres to the north of the city centre and experts estimate that over 5.5 million passengers utilise its services every year. The facility is comprised of two main runways and a central terminal. The location of this terminal makes is quite easy to navigate the airport itself; always beneficial if you happen to be required to catch a connecting flight to other areas of Florida such as Fort Lauderdale or Tampa Bay.

Due to the volume associated with Jacksonville International Airport, there are numerous airlines which fly in and out of here on a daily basis. Some common examples include:

• American Eagle
• American Airlines
• Delta Airlines
• United airlines
• Air Canada Express

Please note that JetBlue Airways also operates out of this airport and that they are one of the most popular methods of travel if you wish to visit other portions of the east coast during your stay.

If you will be flying in from London, you can expect a total travel time of 12 hours. This may seem a bit long, but the main reason for this time is that Jacksonville International Airport does not cater to any direct flights from the United Kingdom or Europe. You will therefore need to procure a connection via cities such as New York, Boston or Washington, DC.

When to Visit and How to Find Cheap Tickets

Jacksonville is generally pleasant throughout the year and winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Summers can be warm and humid while there is a slight chance of hurricanes between June and late September. Visiting during the autumn or the early spring is preferred by many, as temperatures are mild and the chances of any storm suddenly forming are minimal.

To save money on your tickets, always book a reservation at least 12 weeks in advance of when you are planning to depart. Also, use the services of online comparison sites such as Travelocity. You will be able to obtain a side-by-side contrast of different carriers in order to purchase the most appropriate package. Consider package holidays, as you only need to pay one lump sum. The total amount also tends to be slightly reduced. So, get ready to have fun in the sun when visiting Jacksonville, Florida!