Flying to Baja California: What You Need to Know in Advance

Known for its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and famed as one of the best surfing destinations on the planet, Baja California is certainly not to be missed if you are in the mood to enjoy a tropical paradise. This long peninsula stretches from the south western United States down to well below the middle of Mexico. Due to its proximity to the coastline, it has become a very popular tourist destination (partially arising from the growing number of nightclubs). If you and your family or friends have been searching for a unique travel getaway, Baja California could very well be the perfect option. Let us now quickly take a look at what you will need to know when flying here before concluding with some general words of advice.

Baja California Flight Details and Airport Information

The major airport which serves the majority of Baja California is Mexicali International Airport. It is located quite close to the United-States-Mexico border and it is therefore used by those who wish to visit southern California during their stay. Another benefit is that you can charter regional flights or utilise rail services to reach other portions of Baja California.

The airport itself is able to cater to more than 800,000 travellers annually and many of these will be arriving from cities such as London. However, please note that familiar carriers such as British Airways do not serve this route. Some of the airlines specifically devoted to Mexicali International Airport are:

• Aeromexico
• VivaAerobus
• Calafia Airlines

These very same carriers will offer you connections to other portions of Mexico such as Mexico city and Sonora.

The approximate flight time from London to Mexicali International Airport is 20 hours although the route can be slightly longer or shorter depending upon the predominant winds aloft. One of the reasons why flights are so long arises from the fact that there are no direct flights to Mexicali International Airport. So, plan on experiencing a connection in American cities such as Detroit or Chicago.

Planning Ahead for Your Flight to Baja California

Obviously, you will need to take the flight time into account when planning your visit. It is also wise to consider the time of the year that you plan on travelling. While Baja Mexico tends to experience wonderful weather, the advent of the late summer and early autumn can sometimes equate to a hurricane touching its shores. Some of these storms can be quite fierce, so it is wise to avoid this season if at all possible. Another benefit of this strategy is that ticket prices tend to be slightly lower. In order to obtain the best deals, be sure to compare the prices from at least three different providers. You may also choose to sign up for email notifications, as these can provide you with substantial savings while you can also be notified in the event that a ticket is suddenly available.