Arizona Holidays: Everything You Need to Know About Flights

Arizona is a large state located within the south eastern portion of the United States. While some consider this location to represent nothing more than deserts and barren landscapes, the fact of the matter is that there could be nothing further from the truth. From the scintillating lights associated with the capital city of Phoenix to the majesty of the Grand Canyon, this state is an ideal spot to take a holiday with friends, family or both. Of course, you will naturally be flying here if you plan on arriving from the United Kingdom. Let’s address some basic flight information before briefly examining what to take into account in order to fully enjoy your stay.

Arizona Airport Flight Information

As this is such a large state, there are several regional airports. We will nonetheless be referring to the largest airport in Arizona for the sake of this article. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is generally the hub which international travellers will utilise to arrive here. It is quite a large airport and as it covers over 3,400 hectares, it is ideally suited for both passengers and freight. According to 2016 statistics, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport catered to 43.3 million passengers.

The airport itself is found a mere five kilometres to the south west of the centre of Phoenix, so travel times to and from your hotel will generally take ten minutes or less (partially depending upon predominant traffic conditions). Public transportation could very well be your best bet. You can choose from trams, buses and rail services if you plan on visiting other locations away from the airport.

As mentioned in the last paragraph, this airport also serves a connecting hub to regional flights within Arizona as well as to other states such as New Mexico and Colorado. Some of the major carriers served by Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport include:

• American Airlines
• American Eagle
• Air Canada
• Delta Airlines
• British Airways
• Southwest Airlines

Of course, you might be using a connecting flight if you stop over at other cities such as New York, Denver or Chicago. This is often the more economical option although travel times will obviously be lengthened. The average time required to arrive here from London is just under 11 hours. There are actually very few carriers which offer direct routes, so the chances are high that you will require a connection. In this case, expect to travel (including layovers) for between 12 and 14 hours.

What to Consider

Arizona is a very large state and while the city of Phoenix is exciting, it is a good idea to plan excursions to other locations such as the badlands or the traditional villages close to the border with Mexico. Many visitors choose to rent a vehicle upon their arrival, as public transportation to more remote locations is limited. The weather here tends to be agreeable throughout the year, so there is no single window which will prove to be more pleasant than others.