Holiday Flights to the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands represent a veritable tropical paradise due to their location within the Mediterranean Sea. They are found just to the north of the island of Sicily and they are also some of the most secluded islands in the Mediterranean itself. Their volcanic origins have also allowed them to be very popular with those who are looking to experience a side of Italy that it is as known as major locations such as Rome or Naples. Summers are warm and dry while the winter temperatures rarely dip below 10ºC. Thus, they are a perfect year-round opportunity if you have been hoping to take a break from the dreary doldrums of the northern latitudes during the winter months. Let’s take a quick look at flight information before moving on to a few suggestions to take into account when scheduling your departure.

Aeolian Islands Flight Information, Airlines and Travel Times

The nearest airport (and the one which travellers utilise the most to arrive at the Aeolian Islands is Catania-Fontanarossa International Airport. It is located just 4 kilometres to the south west of the city of Catania, so it is quite convenient when compared to other locations which are decidedly more remote. From here it is possible to charter a flight to the archipelago although it is normally better to reserve tickets on one of the many ferries which make daily trips from Sicily.

Almost 2 million passengers passed through the gates of this airport in 2016 and a sizeable portion of this figure was destined for the Aeolian Islands. This airport also offers numerous connecting flights to and from other major cities including Rome, Athens, Munich and Amsterdam. There are a handful of major carriers which will offer direct and connecting flights to and from Catania-Fontanarossa International Airport. These include:

• Air France
• British Airways
• Blue Air
• easyJet
• Lufthansa
• Ryanair

If you plan to fly directly from London to Catania, the average during of your trip will be just over three hours. Of course, the duration of this journey will increase in the event that you have elected to save money by opting for a connecting flight. Please note that this time does not include the distances involved between the airport and the Aeolian Islands themselves. Depending upon your mode of transportation as well as when you arrive, it is wise to add on a few more hours in total.

What to Keep in Mind to Prepare Correctly

Besides booking early to save money in terms of ticket prices, take into account the season. While these islands are relatively remote, they can still become quite popular with tourists during the spring and summer. In order to avoid the crowds (as well as to beat the heat), it could be prudent to visit in the autumn or even the winter. Temperatures are mild, the sun still hangs high in the sky and the chances of rain are only minimal. Finally, exchange your money from pounds into euros before you leave the United Kingdom. You will be able to obtain a much more realistic rate and the commissions are lower when compared to utilising the services at a foreign airport.