Egypt Flights


Egypt is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Offering visitors an amenable climate and a host of different attractions, Egypt may very well be the most frequently visited location in all of North Africa. Thanks to modern travel options and luxurious accommodations, it has never been easier to enjoy the sights and sounds that this country has to offer. So, let us take a look at what travellers can expect when choosing a holiday within this ancient paradise.

Flight Information

When flying from the United Kingdom, most travellers will depart from London and arrive at Cairo International Airport. However, Alexandria International Airport is the second-largest travel hub and can also be considered. For those who choose a non-stop flight, the average travel time to Cairo is approximately five hours. Should one instead choose to fly into Alexandria, this time will be slightly shortened to approximately four hours and forty minutes. Of course, this will depend upon weather conditions and any potential delays at either hub. There are trains, buses and major highways that will connect these two cities for commuting purposes.

Things to Do in Egypt

Obviously, there are a number of sights to experience in Egypt. This will primarily depend upon the travel time that one will enjoy. Perhaps one of the most famous attractions are the sights found at Giza such as the numerous pyramids, the Sphinx and the large Necropolis. As the history here abounds, the Egyptian Museum located in Cairo is another excellent venue to visit while in the city itself. While in Cairo, other sights worth noting are Mosque of Mohammed Ali, the Islamic Centre, the verdant Al-Azhar Park and the Cairo Opera House.

For those who have a bit more time, an excursion outside of Cairo will prove to be truly unforgettable. Many will opt to journey approximately five hundred kilometres south to the city of Luxor. Often called “the world’s greatest open-air museum”, Luxor is home to the ancient district of Thebes. Perhaps the most famous attraction here is a religious monument carved into the very side of a mountain known as Karnak.

Hotels in Egypt

Naturally, the main hotels will be located within the larger cities such as Cairo and Alexandria. When staying in Cairo, some of the most reputable hotels are the Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo, the Cairo City Centre Hotel and the Shepheard Hotel (all of these are rated with four stars or higher). Likewise, Alexandria offers some truly stunning hotels that tourists can enjoy. A handful of popular choices include the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria, Le Metropole Hotel Alexandria and the Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza. Again, travelling between these two cities is quite common and will normally take between two and three hours.

These are some of the main variables that should be taken into account when planning a holiday to Egypt. Offering a number of unforgettable attractions and flexible travel options, Egypt is indeed a destination not to be missed in one’s lifetime.