Dublin Flights

Dublin Flights

Majestic mountains, dense woods, picturesque coastline, high-rises around medieval buildings, Dublin has it all and then some. It is the city of churches and football stadiums, leprechauns and pubs. And to top it all it is one of Britain’s nearest neighbours. This makes it the perfect getaway for people here, but beware as you might just want to settle there!

Getting there

Getting to Dublin is very easy as it is well-connected by both air and water routes. Dublin airport is one of the busiest in Europe and has daily flights from all major airports in the UK. You can find both low fare and luxury travel options to Dublin. If you are interested in a leisurely travel over the Irish Sea, frequent ferry services operate from Holyhead Liverpool and Isle of Man to Dublin port and Dun Laoghaire.

Staying in Dublin

So, you’ve reached Dublin and need a place to stay. No worries there as Dublin can cater to almost all types of travellers with its wide array of accommodation options. Visitors can choose from a variety of hotels, hostels, guest houses or if you want an independent stay, then fully serviced apartments are also available.

Budget travel

With assorted hostel and guest house accommodations, staying can be curtailed according to your needs and budget. Cheap accommodations are available throughout the county. You can find rooms as cheap as £8 a night with single or shared occupancy in Abraham Hostel, located in the heart of the city . Bed and breakfast guest houses are also available with prices starting from £15 a night. Booking in advance can get you decent deals. Booking for longer stays usually allows for an inclusive rate which is heavily discounted.


Staying around the city centre is a bit more expensive than staying in outer areas, but the difference is not that huge. You can get accommodations at handsome bargains if booked in advance. Packages may range from a 2 day stay to a 15 day extravaganza. These packages have different schemes like free pick-up, daily tours, sight-seeing and offer all inclusive rates which have to be booked and paid for in advance. Bookings throughout this year and starting months of the following year are available for the majority of hotels around the city centre and can also be done online.

Luxury travellers

For travellers with a big paycheck ready to be blown away, Dublin offers luxury accommodations which can rival the best in Europe. 2 star hotels like the Kingston hotel with a scenic view encompassing the Irish sea can be booked for a decent £20 a night for two. The options go all the way up to resplendent hotels like the iconic 5 star Merrion where rates are as high as £380 per night for two. Other hotels like the Westbury, which gives an authentic Dublin feel, or the Dylan, a celebrity stopover hotel, are also incredibly good.

Independent accommodations

If you are not interested in staying in the confines of hotels or hostels and would like an independent stay then Dublin offers you apartments which can be rented for prolonged periods. These accommodations have all the basic amenities in them and are good for travellers looking to experience an authentic Dublin lifestyle with their families. The Temple Bar apartments, located opposite to the Christchurch cathedral offer luxury apartments at around £70 and also provide free pick-up service from airports.

Tours around city

If you are staying in a hotel, chances are you have already been given a brochure for daily tours. These tours are exhaustive and will take you around the city for the period of your stay. If travelling alone then the city is there to be explored! The streets have good shopping options like boutiques, traditional stores and the like. If planning to travel alone, be sure to get a guide to the city from your hotel or you might have trouble finding your way back.

The city is full of lively people and will never cease to impress you. It has consistently been ranked in the top liveable cities in the world and according to a recent survey, was ranked the 24th most reputable city. Give Dublin a try, you can be sure not to be disappointed and you’ll come back with lots of happy memories and possibly a beer belly.