Dubai Flights

Dubai Flights

Dubai has been one of the biggest and best destinations of recent years, seeing a massive explosion in popularity amongst tourists and ex-pats alike. This increase in visitor numbers has led to increasingly cheap airflights becoming available from many airports in the UK. Whilst Dubai has traditionally been seen as a stop-over destination for long haul flights to other destinations, many dedicated routes are now providing excellent value for tourists. Activities in Dubai are amongst the cheapest in the region, and families can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle for a fraction of the UK cost. From jeep safaris in the desert, to enjoying the luxury spas for which the resorts have become known, there are so many activities which everyone will enjoy in the 5* hotels and skyscrapers of Dubai. The whole city is modern and is custom built for tourists and ex-pats to enjoy, and this has led to many people deciding to make the move to its sunnier climes. For these ex-pats, the growth in cheap and low cost airlines has been crucial in allowing their families to visit and enabling frequent returns home.

Where to stay during your trip to Dubai

With its towering skyscrapers and beautiful beaches, Dubai has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, seeing a massive rise in visitor numbers over the last two decades. Hotels can be found for a relatively low cost, and with world class facilities and excellent customer service these hotels offer very good value for money and uniquely luxurious experiences. Savings can be had by booking both travel flight tickets and accommodation last minute, with a number of online sites providing dedicated deals. Travel flights are available from discount travel agents, and the best deals are found online. If you’re looking for a new destination to explore then Dubai is an excellent option either as a couple or as a family, and airflights are now even more accessible than ever before.

Dubai for business travel

Many companies are now choosing to host conferences and events in Dubai, as it is a huge commercial and economic centre. Alongside the sandy beach paradises, there is a bustling business hub which is host to some of the world’s biggest companies. With some of the cheapest prices in the world for hosting business events and lots of government subsidies, Dubai is quickly becoming the premier destination for commercial events. Package deals are available for companies who would like to have an event in the region, and there’s a large number of specialist offices and advisory groups who are able to make the event effective and low cost.

What to do on holiday in Dubai

Dubai has excellent beaches and modern facilities, making it the perfect family holiday destination. Many people simply choose to relax on the beach during their trip to Dubai, however there are a wide range of other exciting activities to enjoy, and a number of adrenaline pumping attractions. Known as the ‘jewel of the desert’, Dubai is situated next to the beautiful and desolate wilderness of the desert. Excursions into the sandy wastelands and jeep safaris are very popular with local people and tourists alike. The unique landscape will fascinate those who have an interest in the natural world, and there’s lots of flora and fauna on the land and in the sea which are explored in the city’s museums and natural attractions.

Many people are also in Dubai on business, and away from the offices and commercial centres, there is much to enjoy including luxury restaurants, relaxing spas, boutique shopping opportunities and cultural events. Whilst some visitors are nervous about the conservative nature of society in Dubai, visitors showing respect to local sensitivities are always welcomed and the family-friendly atmosphere is extended to children especially. Visitors are made to feel special with luxurious treatment and a customer service attitude that is second to none.