Croatia Flights

Croatia Flights

Croatia is an up and coming holiday destination for those who are seeking a good value package holiday in Europe. As a newer resort it has an unspoilt feel and lots of natural beauty, offering visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy modern attractions alongside stunning scenery and authentic customs and culture – and it is also one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe for visitors from the UK. The area has many different islands, all of which have their own history and culture; with individual islands having their own unique feel. From mountains to picturesque coastlines, there is something to suit every traveller on a trip to Croatia. Visitors will love island hopping between beautiful sandy beaches, and the destination has a diverse range of attractions to offer visitors.

Breaks to Croatia are becoming increasingly cheap, and there are many low cost options for arranging a family holiday in the region. Many travel agents are providing travellers with special offers and bargain breaks; including to some of the region’s premier resorts which can provide excellent facilities such as spas. Package holidays offer a range of choices, from the luxury all inclusive deals to the cheapest of self-catering breaks. Online travel agents are often able to offer tourists exclusive deals on early or late bookings, and many even provide discounts of up to 50% for those agreeing to ‘unallocated accommodation’ which can be particularly good for those seeking a bargain family holiday.

What to do in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia revolve around the unspoilt coastline and island hopping between the different resorts. As a result, boats and sailing are very important parts of any holiday in Croatia – or for the more adventurous there are a number of dive schools and amazing snorkelling sites. The Croatian landscape is very dramatic with mountains and rugged cliffs, and this lends itself to active pursuits such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and windsurfing. Those who are looking for a more relaxing break can also take advantage of the region’s excellent fishing and golfing.

Local attractions include art galleries and museums, and the region is famous for its rich culture and history. This area makes a perfect romantic getaway for young couples or for families with older children; as it lends itself to all family members being able to tailor the break in order to suit their own needs. Whether you’re interested in adventure sports or reading on the beach, there is something in Croatia to suit everyone.

Food and Dining

The restaurants and cafés of Croatia offer a varied and diverse menu, with options to suit every taste, palate and budget. Traditional Croatian cuisine has been strongly influenced by the food of Turkey, Hungary, Italy and France – with Croatian dining being known as a ‘hybrid’ experience. The focus is on using fresh, seasonal and regional produce; with seafood being a particular speciality near the cost. Locally produced wines are excellent, particularly the red wines, and these are perfect served alongside a traditional Croatian dish such as štrukli – a type of local strudel. Traditional dessert wines are also produced locally, and are widely drunk as an aperitif. Don’t be put off by the lack of children’s menus; restaurants and cafés in Croatia are always very happy to cater for children and will generally provide smaller portions of adult meals on request.

If you’re in self-catering accommodation but would still like to experience the local cuisine, then traditional farmer’s markets are a great place to pick up authentic local products. Whether you’re looking for artisan cheese or freshly baked bread; markets provide an opportunity to shop like a local, pick up some bargains and experience the specialities of the region. The products offered will generally be very fresh and seasonal, and allow families to produce delicious meals in their own accommodation for a fraction of the cost.

Prices in Croatia are usually very reasonable, and meals out are typically much less than a comparative meal in the UK. The same rule applies to drinking in local bars, with most beers, wines and spirits generally being very cheap and measures are often more generous than in the UK. Some imported drinks may be slightly more expensive, but as the locally produced versions are so good; why not go local? When in Croatia, drink Croatian! In the resorts, many bars offer happy hour discounts on cocktails and other drinks, and many places cater to an international market with karaoke and premiership football games being shown. If you’re concerned about the costs of dining or drinking whilst in the resort, with some travel agents offering such good deals on all inclusive packages, it can often be an economical option for families to choose – particularly for those with large appetites!